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Travel Warning Policy

Smith College will not fund, award credit for, or otherwise sponsor or support any international undergraduate academic or extracurricular project in any country or location within a country for which the U.S. Department of State has:

This restriction applies through the date of departure.

Exceptions may be granted in specific instances. For more information, please contact the office sponsoring or funding your travel.


Smith may cancel all activities abroad in countries or locations where the U.S. Department of State has issued a warning that all U.S. citizens should depart at the earliest possible time.

Smith reserves the right to cancel all programs wherein the Smith administration (president, provost, college deans or dean for international study) deem there is a threat or hazard to the health and well being of the participants or the program. Program cancellation policies related to refunds, costs of return to the United States, and other procedures must be clearly outlined in all program materials.

Refusal to Depart Release

Participants wishing to remain on site following cancellation must sign a refusal-to-depart release form. All credits earned following the cancellation of the program will NOT be transferred back for application to the Smith transcript.