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WFI is not responsible for and does not guarantee, nor endorse, the content, products, or services provided on this page, nor on sites hyperlinked from this page. WFI does not provide financial advice, and none of the information provided here is intended to substitute for professional financial advice.

At some point in everyone's life, insurance becomes an issue. Whether it's life, health, disability, automobile or homeowners insurance, there are always questions: What kinds are available? What and how much insurance do I need? How much will it cost me? The resources below are designed to help you determine the best way to protect yourself...fnancially speaking.


7 Cheap Auto Insurance "tricks": Some of the top tricks to save you money when it comes time to renew your policy

7 Best Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance: Tips for getting the best insurance for your needs

American Automobile Association (AAA): Motor club and leisure travel organization serving North America

Auto Insurance Quotes: Suggestions about how to avoid giving out your personal information while comparing online auto insurance quotes

Auto Insurance Review Comparisons: This website lists out a table with detailed ratings of the top 10 auto insurance companies

Auto Insurance Terms and Definitions: Learn the language of the industry so that you don't get taken for a ride


About Disability Insurance.com: Incorporates comprehensive information about disability insurance contract so that the consumers will make a more informed decision on buying the insurance

Important Factors to Consider: Tips you can use when you start shopping for disability insurance

Protect Your Finances With Disability Insurance: Covers the main reasons people have disability insurance

Social Security Disability Help: Social Security Disability Help provides information and assistance to individuals who are interested in filing a disability claim for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income benefits

U.S. Social Security Administration Website: Information about disability benefits can be found here

What to Look For: Straightforward information with a table of contents link


Short Term Health Insurance: This site provides useful information and comparison tools with regard to short term insurance

Medicare, Medigap, and Medicaid: Provides a comparison table of features of the three terms above. Help you to better choose a medical insurance plan

MedLine Plus Guide to Health Insurance: The National Institutes of Health's guide to gaining information about health insurance and choosing coverage

Questions and Answers About Insurance: A Consumer Guide: Discusses coverage options including group versus individual insurance, different types of health insurance like fee for service and HMOs. Also offers tips on choosing the health insurance provide and plan that is right for you

Student Health Insurance: Provides a guide about how to choose between different insurance policies


8 Ways to Save on Home Insurance: Things to consider if you want to save some money on your homeowner's insurance premium. There are also additional tips here.

Disaster Recovery Assistance: Provides information about assistance to disaster victims. It also includes income and job assistance as well as key announcements in the event of natural disasters

Homeowners Insurance.com: Provides comprehensive resources on US homeowners' Insurance and knowledge base on wide range of policy. Also obtains appropriate links for verified categories that will appeal to different insurance researchers

Insurance Information Institute: This site explains what is in a standard homeowners policy, what kind of coverage exists for co-ops and condos, what disasters are covered, and more basics. It also contains sections on how to save money when buying a policy, how to file a claim, and tips for homeowners

Renters' Insurance Information: Homeowners aren't the only ones who should think about insuring their possessions and property. Renters can purchase insurance as well. This link has information on what renters insurance is, why it's important, and how to get it

Why Should I Buy House Insurance: Explains the advantage of buying house insurance


6 Myths about Buying Life Insurance: Provides information that is helpful in avoiding mistakes that could have long lasting consequences

American Council of Life Insurers: What everyone needs to know when buying life insurance

Buying Life Insurance - Nolo.com: This website is a guide to what to do and what to find out before you buy a life insurance policy. Contains information on how to check out the reliability and trustworthiness of agents and companies

CNN Money: Contains detailed information about life insurance including web shopping and how much coverage is necessary

Life Insurance Basics: A blog talks about distinctions of different types of life insurance and money-saving tips for buying insurances

Permanent Insurance: Offers tips for buying permanent insurance and how to decide which kind is right for you

Resources: Protect your family by understanding your options for quality life insurance

Types of life insurance: Know about the various types and choose the best one for you

Long-Term Care

7 Tips for Buying Long-Term Care Insurance

12 questions to ask before buying Long-Term Care insurance: Outlines helpful questions to ask before buying Long-Term care insurance

Critical Considerations: Provides a comprehensive things to consider when shopping for a long-term care policy, including whether you should be shopping for one at all

Glossary of Terms: Definitions for terms related to long-term care insurance

Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance: A detailed guide to that provides answers to wide range of questions including tax treatment, a checklist of LTC policies, and switching of policies

Pros & Cons of Long Term Health Insurance: This article explains the benefits and limitations you should consider before buying long term health insurance