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WFI is not responsible for and does not guarantee, nor endorse, the content, products, or services provided on this page, nor on sites hyperlinked from this page. WFI does not provide financial advice, and none of the information provided here is intended to substitute for professional financial advice.

Financial Literacy

Studies show that women in general—and college-age women in particular—tend to avoid dealing with matters of personal finance. Here are some helpful resources to get you started.

LearnVest: Easy-to-understand financial advice, information and tools for women hoping to take control of their financial lives.

WIFE: Women's Institute of Financial Education.

360 Degrees of Financial literacy: 360 Degrees of Financial literacy is a national volunteer effort of the nation's Certified Public Accountants to help Americans understand their personal finances and develop money management skills. It focuses on financial education as a lifelong endeavor - from children learning about the value of money to adults reaching a secure retirement.

Women's Financial Education Series

MyMoney.gov: A website dedicated to teaching all Americans the basics about financial education, including buying homes, investing in 401(k). It also provides important information from 20 Federal agencies and Bureaus.

Personal Finance Calculators from Bankrate.com: A page full of personal finance calculators, covering everything from auto loans to retirement savings.

Practical Money Skills: Offers financial literacy lessons, resources, games and calculators.

5 Life-Changing Ted Talks about Personal Finance:Watch these five fascinating Ted Talks and learn more about credit cards and debit cards, saving, investing, and entrepreneurship.

Financial Accounting Videos

Basic Tips of Accounting

Accounting Lecture-Basic Concepts

Introduction to Accounting


There are two important components to a budget: income and outflow. Check out any one the following resources designed to help you track your every dollar to ensure that your outflow doesn't exceed your income.

Budget Traveling: You can often find discounted airline tickets on these sites. Once you find a good deal from these websites, go directly to the official site of the flight company, and you will get an even cheaper price most of the time.





Budgeting 101 from About.com: Everything you need to know about budgeting.

Financial Management for Graduate Students: Thinking about going to graduate school, or already in grad school? This site offers tips for managing your money while you're there.

Making a Budget: CNN Money analysts provide a step-by-step guide to gaining control over your financial life. Tips for keeping your spending under control so that you get the most of every dollar.

Student Budget Plans that Work: Creating a student budget plan is an important step every student can take to assess his or her financial wellness. A college student budget can help you keep track of your expenses, analyze your assets and income and set financial goals for yourself.

College Budgeting Videos:

What College Students Need to Know About Money!

Financial Literacy in College

Consequences of Student Debt

Financial Literacy-9 Things a College Student Should Know

Money 101: A Guide to Financial Literacy for College Students

Financial Planning

If you're thinking about hiring a professional to help you manage your money, the following resources may be useful to you. Since there are quite a few financial planning services available to people at different income levels and life stages, it's always a good idea to investigate your options before getting involved with a particular financial planner.

Financial Planning Association: Find a CFP professional near you. Helpful questions to interview a financial planner provided.

News and Commentary: Online home of Financial Planning magazine and offers news, commentary and community for financial planners and financial planning professionals.


If you're renting your living space, you want to make sure you know what to expect and what is expected of you when you sign a lease or rental agreement, and you also want to know what your rights are as a renter. If you're buying a home, which is often the single most expensive purchase a person will make, there are many factors to consider - getting a mortgage, types of mortgages available, interest rates, how your credit rating affects the home buying process, to name a few.

International Cost of Living Comparison: A website that compares the comprehensive information from food to entertainment. You can make smarter choices for where to live with this help of cost of living comparison.

Loans and Mortgages: This website from FDIC provides helpful information about choosing the right mortgages and loans for your housing needs.

Mortgage-Calc.com: Contains a wide range of calculators, both for home buying, as well as for car leases, AMT Tax Calculator, Tuition Savings Calculator, and more.

Mortgage Pages from Bankrate.com's: Contains information on mortgage basics; a glossary of mortgage terms; mortgage calculators; articles on obtaining mortgages; and current interest rate information as well as analysis of the housing/mortgage markets.

Rentlaw.com: Provides a landlord/tenant guide and gives you the option to look up specific laws that deal with renting by state.


Whether you're still a student, a recent graduate, or have been out in the world for a long time, figuring out where your money is going and planning where you want it to go is the first step toward achieve your financial goals. The below resources are intended to help you save money on living expenses, and design budgets and saving plans that suit your needs now and for the future.

190 Resources for Saving Money: Comprehensive guide to 190 of the best budgeting tools, deals and coupon sites, rate comparison engines, and personal finance resources online. This list has everything you need to start saving money immediately.

Debt-Proof Living: Articles, resources and advice to debt-proof your life, together with time, money-saving and frugal living tips.

Resources Just for Women

Because women are more likely to move in and out of the work force, act as primary caretakers for their children, be affected negatively by divorce, and save less for retirement than men—though also more likely to start their own businesses and become affluent—there is much information that is of specific interest and use to women as they plan their financial present and future.

Daily Worth for Women: A personal finance and business site for women updated daily with money tips and blog posts.

Catalyst: Studies women and men across levels, functions, and geographies to learn about women's experiences in business, barriers to their career advancement, and individual and organizational strategies leading to success.

Dames Bond: A networking site for women in business. In addition to feature articles on advice, it features an extensive business directory of female services and businesses.

Wi$e Up.com: A website sponsored by Texas A&M University about financial planning for Generation X & Y Women.

TED Talk: Sheryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders


Filing taxes can be a confusing process, especially if you've never filed your own income tax return before. General information and links to tax forms are below, as well as information specifically for students who are filing their own returns.

General Information

The Isenberg School of Management offers one on one help for students with their taxes.

Feb. 3rd until April 14th, 2015
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 4-6:30pm
Room G35, Basement of Isenberg

*there will be no services Feb. 17th and the week of March 16th due to Spring Recess.

This is a first come, first service program and does NOT take appointments.

Please bring your 2014 copy of your filed tax return, have your valid social security or ltin numbers, your health care provider EIN and your member number (1099-HC), all W-2's, 1098-T, 1099's and any other tax related information if it applies.

Your taxes from A to Z: ABC: List of terms and definitions.

Federal Tax Forms and Publications: This section of the IRS website contains links to tax forms, new changes, instructions, previous year forms and more.

Free Tax Help and information: Tax questions, answers, and info. Advice on returns, deductions, tax rebates, and credits. Tax strategies on federal IRS forms and state tax return.

IRS Tax Information for Individuals: Provides links to tools and information regarding taxes. Some links include a withholding calculator, information about late payment, tax extensions, locating refunds, and resources to help with tax filing.

Massachusetts Tax Forms and Publications: The MA Department of Revenue site contains links to current tax forms, instructions, previous year forms and more.

Midyear Tax Savings Moves: Tips for cutting your tax bill.

Yahoo Finance: Tax Center: Provides links to federal and state forms, tax tools such as tax calculators and tax education resources.

Recovering Excess FICA Payments: Provides information on how you can get your Social Security tax money back as a credit on your individual tax return.

IRS Withholding Calculator: Not sure how much federal tax to have taken out of your paycheck? This calculator is intended to help taxpayers decide how many withholding allowances to take in their paychecks, based on your income, pay frequency, filing status and other factors.

Paycheck Withholding Calculator: Wondering what the difference between your gross pay and your net pay will be? The personal calculators on this site will allow you to estimate what your take-home pay will be, based on your inputs

Tax Filing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on tax filing: An index covering a wide array of tax information and common questions/concerns.

Getting the most from the Itemized Deductions: A list of often overlooked itemized deductions that you may be eligible to use the next time you file.

File Your Own Taxes: Comprehensive information on state and federal taxes, deductions and the filing process.

Tax Basics: Step-by-step instructions on filing taxes

IRS e-file Using A Tax Professional (Internal Revenue Service): Information about filing your federal income tax return electronically using an authorized IRS e-file Provider.

Tax Guide for Students

IRS Tax Guide For Students: A comprehensive resource to assist you in understanding your obligations as a tax payer. Includes information about tax forms, filing returns, and much more.

A Tax Guide for Students and Parents: Guide to deductions and savings opportunity available for college students and their parents.

Tax Information for International Students and Scholars: Binghamton University's Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) offers information and guidelines for preparing income tax returns international students and scholars.

Filing Tax Returns: Isenberg School of Management's International Students and Scholars Office provides detailed information about tax returns for international students and scholars.

International Student Tax Return: Provides information and guides for international students in the U.S. to prepare for tax filing.


The Dollar Stretcher: Assortment of articles and advice on making your money go as far as possible, as well as information on current money issues. Offers an expansive searchable archive of articles.

The Frugal Village: Tips on frugal living from cooking to recycle used stuffs in a smart way.

Corporette: Fashion and lifestyle blog for corporate women: lawyers, bankers, MBAs, consultants and "otherwise overachieving chicks."

Women Success Coaching: A blog from success coach Bonnie Marcus, Women's Success Coaching weighs in on the many building blocks of empowering women in business, from assertive communication to self-promotion to sensitivity training.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation: A fun interactive site that teaches kids about banking and the FDIC.

Lucky Dog Investing: Teaches kids helpful investing skills.

Careers & Networking

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Personal Financial Planning Center: Information on CPA/PFS (Certified Public Accountant/Personal Financial Specialist) professionals, how to find one, as well as general information and resources for financial planning.

Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards: Provides information and resources both to financial planning professionals and to consumers. A list of "Top Ten Questions to Ask When Choosing a Financial Planner"

Women for Hire: A hub of recruitment services for women, this site offers career expos, blogs and feature articles as well as an online job board that connects leading employers with professional women.

Women on Business: The goal of Women on Business is to expand the international network of businesswomen online by promoting conversation on common issues.

Womenetices: A networking platform for professional women that features daily content on business and personal relationships.