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College Students Use Credit Cards To Pay For Their Education
A Smith College survey of 700 students nationwide found a quarter cover tuition, and more than half, cover textbooks and school supplies, with credit cards.

Smith Is Giving Graduating Seniors One Last Chance To Get Smart About Money Before Heading Out Into The 'Real World'
Since enrolling at Smith College four years ago, Adele Johnsen has taken classes in art history and astronomy, religion and international politics. She can identify constellations and analyze Shakespearean poetry, but she admits she's still somewhat in the dark about one of life's critical topics: personal finance

Rate Your Financial Savvy: Online Quiz, For Young Women, By Young Women, Tests Knowledge of Key Terms and Concepts Needed for Smart Money Management
As a group, young women are often better known for their ability to spend money than to manage it. Recent studies have shown that 47 percent of single women ages 21 to 34 carry unpaid credit card balances averaging about $2,000 and almost half live paycheck to paycheck.

"Power Panel" of Accomplished Smith Alums-Including Gloria Steinem-to Underscore the Importance of Financial Education for Women
Marking the launch of its first year of programming, Smith College's Women and Financial Independence program has lined up a "power panel" of women leaders to make the case for financial education for girls and young women. Five accomplished Smith alumnae, including writer, editor and Ms. Magazine founder Gloria Steinem, will share with current students things they wished they had known about money and finance when starting out, their perceptions of how financial literacy (or illiteracy) can shape a woman's career and the importance of financial savvy regardless of one's life goals.

Smith Receives Goldman Sachs Funding to Close Financial Information Gap for Women
At the end of the 19th century, Sophia Smith, sole survivor of her family, made a bold investment. She stipulated that her estate be used to found a college at which "women might receive an education equal to that of men." With the help of one of the world's leading financial services firms, Smith College is taking steps to ensure that its graduates possess the same financial autonomy and courage that were shown by its founder more than 125 years ago.