About the Concentration
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Women's Education Concentration

Photo by Jon Crispin

The Concentration in Women's Education is designed to provide students with a framework for exploring the range of issues associated with the education of women, both in the United States and internationally. Students pursue experiential opportunities and connect those experiences to their course work through written reflection exercises and ongoing conversations with their advisers during the course of their academic careers.

  • Michaela Chinn

    Michaela Chinn '16

    Education/Italian studies major

    Tucson, Arizona

    I became interested in women's education because I wanted to learn more about the world. In the future, I hope to deliver babies as a midwife.

  • Ahalya Raman

    Ahalya Raman '15

    Education major

    Bangalore, India

    The WEX100 course on educating women resonated with me. I am from India, where I was surrounded by adults without much education, so that is something I feel strongly about changing.

  • Sarah Casey

    Sarah Casey '16

    History major/concentration in American history

    Fairfax, Virginia

    I was a camp counselor for four years, and when I took the WEX100 course on educating women, it clicked that this was the area in which I wanted to work. I am especially interested in urban education, and in the future I would like to be running my own healthcare clinic.