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Emily Nagoski

Wellness Education Director

Emily NagoskiI joined Smith as the college's first wellness education director in 2008, coming from West Chester University of Pennsylvania, where I was the assistant coordinator for wellness programs and assistant director of the Women's Center.

I began my career as a college health educator back when I was a first-year undergraduate. Despite being uncertain about my future studies, I knew I planned to go to grad school, and a premed guy on my floor said, "Why not become a peer health educator?" So I interviewed and was accepted to join the Promoters of Wellness (POW!) at the University of Delaware. Mostly what I did was go into residence halls and talk about condoms and alcohol and nutrition. I loved it.

I majored in psychology, with minors in cognitive science and philosophy, and I was generally planning to be a cognitive neuropsychologist when I grew up, helping people who experienced traumatic brain injury and stroke. But while the academic stuff was fascinating, it didn't make me love who I am the way working as a peer health educator did. So I decided to get a master's in counseling psychology at Indiana University, where I interned at the GLBT Student Support Services Office and at the Kinsey Institute.

I then realized that actually I'm a big nerd who likes to be in charge, and the way nerds get to be in charge is by getting a doctorate. So I stayed in Indiana to get a doctorate in health behavior, with a minor in human sexuality.

My two favorite parts of my job are going to tea and doing data analysis.

Jan Morris

Wellness Assistant

Jan MorrisI have been a Smith employee for 18 years, spending the first 10 years in the registrar's office. Since coming to the Office of Student Affairs, and specifically the Wellness Education Office, I have been excited to focus on a few special projects, including starting a weekly wellness blog called Words of Wisdom. My goal is to offer insights about the human experience that will be helpful to students as they navigate their inner worlds.

I also created the "Well-Street Journal," a newsletter with useful information, such as where to find wellness-related happenings on campus and a calendar of fun events going on at Smith.

In 2010, I founded Smith's Thanksgiving Match program, which connects students with staff and faculty to share a meal and give students an opportunity to learn about and experience a traditional American holiday.

I live in Northfield with my partner, Dave, and two cats (who look like twins, but in personality are polar opposites).