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TRX 340: Capstone Seminar in Translation Studies
The capstone seminar brings together a cohort of concentrators to discuss the final translation project that each student undertakes with the guidance of their mentor in the concentration and to situate the project within the framework of larger questions that the work of translation elicits. The seminar readings will focus on renowned practitionersÂ’ reflections on the difficulties and complexities of translating, the obstacles, discoveries and solutions that the translator encounters. We will read a series of essays that engage with the conflicting interpretations and nuances of translations in fourteen languages of Ferdinand Oyonos' iconic 1956 African novel, Une vie de boy. We will compare how these translations transform the original novel and question the concept of original text as it interacts with the culture and the language into which it is translated.

In consultation with her faculty mentor, students will chose one of the following formats for their final translation project:

1. Translation Project

The concentrator works on a translation project (10 pages minimum, depending on the type of translation) with a substantial introduction that reflects on the obstacles, difficulties and successes of the task of translation.

2. Extra Project

The student takes an existing 300-level course or seminar in the language/culture of her translation focus; she works on an extra project—a translation—within the context of the content of the seminar, and with the guidance of her faculty mentor in the concentration.

3. Honors Thesis

An honors thesis that either is a translation project or reflects on translation can be used as a capstone experience.