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Requirements for the Concentration

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The requirements for the concentration are deliberately flexible to allow students to pursue the translation practice that most suits their interests or needs—from literary to technical translation to the ethical complexities that arise in interpretation.

Students can count no more than three of the academic courses for both the concentration and their major.


  1. Gateway Course
    CLT 150:The Art of Translation (2 credits, S/U, offered every spring semester)
  2. One course* with a focus on translation theory, translation or practice (4 credits)
  3. Two courses* in the language/literature/culture of the foreign language (8 credits)
    Students whose native language is not English may take course in English language/literature/culture to satisfy this requirement.
  4. One elective* in translation studies, linguistics, the foreign language or one elective that focuses on problems of language (4 credits)
  5. Two practical experiences
  6. E-Portfolio
  7. Capstone
  8. Demonstration of achievement (300 or above level) in the foreign language from which the student translates.

*May be taken within the Five Colleges or while abroad.