About the Concentration
Requirements for the Concentration
Practical Experiences
Participating Faculty & Staff
Participating Faculty & Staff

Director: Janie Vanpée
Administrative Coordinator: Sara Kirk

Board of Advisors

Maria Nemcova Banerjee
Professor, Russian

Giovanna Bellesia
Professor, Italian Language & Literature

Margaret Bruzelius

Justin Cammy
Associate Professor, Jewish Studies

Dawn Fulton
Professor, French Studies

Chris Golé
Professor, Mathematics & Statistics

Patricia Gonzalez
Senior Lecturer, Spanish & Portuguese

Kiki Gounaridou
Professor, Theatre

Mohamed Hassan
Senior Lecturer, Arabic, and
Director, Five College Arabic Program

Maki Hubbard
Professor, Japanese

Judith Keyler-Mayer
Senior Lecturer, German

Yuri Kumagai

Senior Lecturer, Japanese

Reyes Lazaro
Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese

Malcolm McNee
Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese

Thalia Pandiri
Professor, Classics and Comparative Literature

Carolyn Shread

Lecturer, French, Mount Holyoke College

Caitlin Szymkowicz
Associate Dean, International Students and Scholars

Janie Vanpée
Professor, French Studies and Comparative Literature

Ellen Watson
Director, Poetry Center

Gregory White
Mary Huggins Gamble Professor, Government

Sujane Wu
Associate Professor, Chinese

Affiliate Faculty and Staff

Scott Bradbury
Professor, Classics

David Ball
Professor Emeritus, French Language & Literature

Kim Kono
Associate Professor, Japanese

Marguerite Harrison
Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese

Carolyn Shread
Lecturer, French Studies