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An International Theatre Curriculum

Our curriculum reflects the global connections of theatre in the past and present. We offer courses at all levels and in both history/theory as well as performance. Here is a sampling of courses with significant international focus offered over the past five years.

First Year Seminar (FYS): Contemporary Theatre and Film in China
This is a writing-intensive study of contemporary Chinese theatre and film using the dual perspective of design and directing to examine Chinese drama as a window into history, identity and political change. Students may participate in an optional travel component, funded by a generous grant from the Freeman Foundation, for a two-week theatre tour of Beijing and selected sites in China.

217 Modern European Drama I and 218 Modern European Drama II
These two courses address pioneering and influential European theatre from the late 19th century to the present with special attention to issues of gender, class, warfare and other personal/political foci.

241 Staging the Jew
This course is an intensive study of selected plays and films from the U.S., Israel and the Jewish diasporas, examining the ways in which Jewish identity is rendered on stage.

315 Colloquium: African and Caribbean Theatre
This is a survey of the major developments in African and Caribbean theatre from the 1950s to the present.

316 Contemporary Canadian Drama
This course has a particular emphasis on women playwrights within the context of political/personal issues of gender, class, race, sexuality and cultural identity in English and French Canadian drama of the past four decades.

319 Shamans, Shapeshifters and the Magic If
This course uses an international range of plays including Caryl Churchill, Wole Soyinka, Derek Walcott, Bertolt Brecht, in an examination of theatre as a transformative experience beyond the mundane world.