Congratulations, Seniors!
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Congratulation, Graduates!

Graduating students please keep the following in mind.

Your access to Smith accounts and software (including Smith email, Google Drive files and Moodle) will expire on the following dates:

  • For May 2020 graduates, access will expire October 31, 2020. Due to the impact of COVID-19, access originally scheduled to expire September 30 has been extended until October 31.
  • For SSW graduates, access will expire December 30.

If you don't already have a non-Smith email account (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.), now is the time to create one. Plan ahead and do not use your Smith email account as a contact address on applications after graduation. See below for more instructions.

Smith Mail Instructions:

  • If you are working on campus after the expiration date, have your supervisor email with your dates of employment so that your account can be extended.

  • If you are continuing at Smith in a graduate program, your account will automatically be extended and you do not need to contact us.

  • If you used your Smith email address to set up any external accounts like Facebook, Apple ID, Twitter, YouTube, Adobe Creative Cloud, Office 365 etc., be sure to change the email address for those accounts before your Smith account expires.

How will I obtain transcripts ? Please see the Registrar’s Office website. From the menu on the right, select Transcripts and Enrollment Verification.

Once I leave Smith how will I get my W2 next year? W-2s are available in late January for the previous calendar year. For details, visit Accessing Your W-2s.

Let people know that your email address is changing. As soon as you have an alternate email address you want to share with others, create a Vacation Response in your Smith Mail account to alert people about your graduation and new address. Visit Google Support for instructions on how to set up a vacation responder.

Forward new Smith Mail to an alternate address? Visit Google Support for instructions on how to automatically forward Gmail messages to another account.

Transfer my Smith mail and My Drive to a personal Google account. You can transfer your Smith email messages, files in My Drive and files that you own in Google Drive to your personal Google account. For instructions on how to transfer Gmail messages and My Drive files, visit transferring your email and Google Drive.

Can I save references stored in a RefWorks or Zoerto? For answers and more information to this question, visit the library guides for Refworks and Zotero.

Can I transfer my Smith Mail to Outlook

To transfer your Smith mail messages to Microsoft Outlook, see Gmail Help How to Download Emails from Gmail to Microsoft Outlook

What should I do with files I created and shared as part of my job, special project or Student Org?

You will want to transfer ownership of those files because those files are deleted from everyone with whom you shared them when your account is removed. Note: Files you created in Shared Drives are already owned by the team so you don’t have to take any action on these.

How long will my Office 365/One Drive account remain active?

Your account expires when your Smith account expires. To see offers from Microsoft, visit Office 365 Personal. Learn how to switch Office 365 subscriptions from University to Personal. If you are not planning to switch to a different subscription, you should download any files that you might want to access in the future. For instructions, see Download files and folders from OneDrive.

How long will my Moodle account be active?

Your account expires when your Smith account expires. If you wish to save any of your Moodle files that are not already stored on a personal device, manually download these items prior to the expiration date.

How long can I keep using my Computer Store discount?

Your educational discount on computers and technology expires June 30, so come to the Smith College Computer Store to take advantage of great prices on software, laptops, tablets, accessories, and more while you still can. See the Computer Store web site for more information. 

What happens with any remaining money on my One Card?

Upon graduation, any remaining balance will be transferred to the students’ College account for final reconciliation with the College. Balances of less than $5 will be transferred only upon specific request by the student. Alumni OneCard information.

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