Admission Policy Announcement


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About the Study Group

Along with many of its peers, Smith College has been studying the question of what it means to be a women’s college at a time when concepts of gender are evolving. These questions have a particular resonance for institutions like Smith that were founded in the context of binary—female and male—definitions of gender. President Kathleen McCartney appointed an Admission Policy Study Group, charged with considering the following two questions in light of Smith’s mission as a women’s college:

In the course of this work, the president asked that the study group:

Study Group Report and Recommendations

The study group made a report and recommendation to the faculty at the end of the spring 2015 semester.

Admission Policy Study Group Report and Recommendations (PDF)

Study Group Membership

Daphne Lamothe
Associate Professor of Afro-American Studies, Co-Chair

Audrey Smith
Vice President for Enrollment, Co-Chair

Carrie Baker
Associate Professor of the Study of Women and Gender

Zoe Brian ’17

Tobias Davis ’03
Assistant Director, Continuing Education, Smith School For Social Work

Liberty Dupuis ’17

Haruka Shimoto ’15

Jennifer Chrisler ’92
Vice President for Alumnae Relations, Executive Director of the Alumnae Association

Mehammed Mack
Assistant Professor of French Studies

Kevin Quashie
Professor of Afro-American Studies

Amy Rhodes ’91
Associate Professor of Geosciences

Debra Shaver
Dean of Admission

Nancy Whittier
Professor of Sociology