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Before You Leave

Register with Local Embassy Where Studying

U.S. passport holders and citizens can do this through:

International students should check with their local embassies in the study abroad location to see if there is a similar service offered.

When You Get There

Update Your Address

Submit Course Changes

Transit Stipend Request

About Your Leave

Rescind/Extend Leave

Rescinding Your Study Abroad Leave

Students on two-semester programs considering returning after one semester should see Rescinding a Leave on the Class Deans website. Students wishing to rescind their Study Abroad Leave should notify the Office for International Study and their class dean in writing.

If you rescind your study abroad leave in order to register for classes in Northampton, that decision will be binding, and you will not normally be eligible to have off-campus study status reinstated.

Leave may be rescinded until the first day of classes each semester; however, you are responsible for any nonrefundable fees and deposits already paid to the study abroad program on your behalf. You are also responsible for contacting the Office of Residence Life to request a room.

If you withdraw from your study abroad program after the program has started, you are responsible for any nonrefundable fees and withdrawal fees charged by the study abroad program, and may not return to Smith that semester if classes have already begun at Smith.

Extending Leave

Students approved for study abroad for one semester who want to extend their study abroad experience into the following semester should contact the Office for International Study to discuss their options.

Before You Return To Smith

Mandatory Study Abroad Program Evaluations

Smith Programs Abroad

Students who studied abroad in Florence, Hamburg, Geneva or Paris should not complete the program evaluations below. You will be asked to submit a separate program evaluation; additional information will be provided via e-mail.

All study abroad students who participated on a Smith Consortium Program or a Smith-Approved program are required to submit an evaluation of their study abroad program to Smith at the conclusion of the program.

Please note: Transcripts will not be forwarded to the Registrar's Office for posting until an evaluation is received by the Office for International Study.

Students should complete the program evaluation below that corresponds to the term studied abroad (fall, spring or academic year).

Students who studied abroad on two different programs during the academic year should complete a program evaluation for each term and program (fall and spring).