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Smith's Travel Warning Policy

Smith College Policy on State Department Travel Warnings and Study Abroad

  1. Smith College adopts and adheres to U.S. State Department travel warnings with respect to the college's own study abroad programs and students preparing to go abroad on other approved programs.
  2. Specifically, the college adheres to State Department travel warnings whenever issued for a particular country, locale or region. Smith approval for planned study abroad in these locations is suspended for the duration of the travel warning.
  3. No Smith student is permitted to embark on study abroad in the affected locale, region or country; neither the Smith Programs Abroad nor any short-term, faculty-led program will be permitted to depart for the start of the program, as long as the travel advisory is in effect.

  4. Smith College may make exceptions to this policy should risk assessment on the part of the Office for International Study and Office of the Dean of the College determine that reasonable precautions for the safety of students and staff are in place, including a contingency plan for evacuation and continuation of the academic program. At present, exceptions to this college policy are made for students electing to study in Cameroon, Israel, and Kenya for approved programs in these countries. In all instances, students and their parents or guardians are required to sign a specialized Assumption of Risk/Release of Indemnification Waiver.

  5. This policy applies specifically to study abroad programs approved through the Smith College Office for International Study. All other short-term travel, including travel funded by International Experience Grants, must abide by the Smith College Policy on Short-Term International Travel.
  6. In the case of Smith programs already underway, when a travel warning for the location is issued, the programs may continue or make other decisions as the situation and circumstances warrant. Events and circumstances will be carefully monitored by the Office for International Study and, if necessary, the crisis management team of the college as to whether:
  • the Smith program(s) should continue, or
  • the program(s) should relocate temporarily to a safe site in order to allow the program to continue, or
  • the program(s) should temporarily suspend operations, or
  • the program(s) should be closed and the participants return to the United States
  1. In the event that a travel warning is issued while a Smith student is participating in a non-Smith program already in progress in the affected area, Smith will evaluate the situation on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the program host or provider. If an evacuation or departure order is issued by the U.S. State Department, Smith approval for any student studying in the affected area may be withdrawn.