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Photo Contest

2011 Winners

Cultural Encounters

Viewers' Choice and Juror's Choice

Sujane Wu, East Asian Languages and Literature

The photo was taken at the Western Wall, Jerusalem. A Jewish girl was leaning to the wall and praying. The Western Wall has been a site for Jewish prayer and pilgrimage for centuries. It was also one of the most popular tourist sites in the world. In the daytime it is usually very crowded due to tourists, but the prayers are still devoutly involved in their own spiritual and religious world.

Photo by Jiajing Wang '13

Juror's Choice

Yola Monakhov, Harnish Visiting Artist

This photo was taken in Mungo-wa-Mono, the only permanent settlement of the Hadzabe, a small community of hunter-gatherers living in the Yaeda Valley of Tanzania. In the photo, women are using sharpened sticks and a panga to dig around tree roots for tubers, which are eaten daily for lunch.

Photo by Shannon Pettit '12

Natural Ecology

Juror's Honorable Mention

Fraser Stables, Art

This was taken on La Isla Isabela, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. The subjects of the photo are three Galapagos Sea Lions playing in the shallows of the mangroves.

Photo by Alexandra Page '12

Viewers' Choice

A glimpse of the breathtaking views of hills, mountains and all between them, that bless the adventurous souls that venture the roads of Nepal.

Photo by Sanita Dhaubanjar '13


Juror's Honorable Mention

Sujane Wu, East Asian Languages and Literature

This photo was taken looking out at the main part of the village of Oia, at the northern tip of the island of Santorini, Greece. The village is famous for its blue and white architecture, the lush green hillsides, and the picturesque blue water that surrounds it.

Photo by Sarah Schiff '12

Viewers' Choice and Juror's Honrable Mention

Yola Monakhov, Harnish Visiting Artist

The photo was taken in a huge water cistern in Masada, Israel. A patch of morning sunlight streamed in from a window at the top. My friend stood facing towards the sun rays, as if he was receiving message from the Heaven.

Photo by Jiajing Wang '13

Daily Life

Viewers' Choice and Jurors' Honorable Mention

Sujane Wu, East Asian Languages and Literature and Fraser Stables, Art

I took this photo in the small village of Chefchaouen, Morocco. After a few days of rain, the sun finally came out, and these three girls took advantage of the weather by playing jump rope while the rest of the town took part in their daily market. I was captivated by their leisurely game and the colors of the buildings that surrounded them.

Photo by Sarah Schiff '12

Jurors' Honorable Mention

Yola Monakhov, Harnish Visiting Artist and Sujane Wu, East Asian Languages and Literature

Particularly in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), there are many xeoms or motorbike taxis parked on the corners of each block, waiting to take a passenger on a masterfully maneuvered ride through traffic and to the passenger's anticipated destination. With a cigarette in his hand and the rain pouring just beyond the awning, this man patiently waits for his next customer. No rush at all.

By Caroline Kang '12

Learning Moments

Viewers' Choice

I used my camera's self-timer to capture the sheer ecstasy I felt while adventuring with a Bedouin community in the Libyan Desert of Western Egypt. The isolation of the sand sea coupled with my carefree gymnastics from the peak of a dune perfectly illustrates my time spent abroad: intrepid, overwhelming, life-altering.

Molly Theodora Oringer '12

Digital Narratives

Viewers' Choice and Juror's Choice

Fraser Stables, Art

All photos taken on a halting site in Cork, Ireland by Carolyn Hou '12

Crosses, metal scraps and painting of horses as decorations outside an outshed.

Teenage traveler and baby standing on trash inside their halting site.

Fathers and their children.

Three generations of boxing rings and saddle rings.

Boot wearing boy with popsicle, dog and washing machine.

Steps to a caravan and Butane gas.

Boy in school uniform and his pony.

Sassy girl in school uniform.

Blue eyes, dirty face and delicate hands.

Brother and sister in caravan before bed.