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2010 Winners


First Place (& Best in Show)

This photo was taken looking out over the rooftops of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany, from atop the city wall. It provides a contrast between pointy pastel peaks and towering church steeples in the distance.

Photo by Margaret Metzler '11

Second Place

This photograph represents the beautiful mastery of architecture in Northern Italy. Vogogna is a Small town with a rail stop and a castle; bordering the massive and breathtaking Val Grande Parco Nationale. After walking hours in the rain, coming upon these houses made entirely of stone completely rejuvenated my spirits. This was a sacred place.

Photo by Emma Wade '13, Italy


First Place

I took this photo at a Wasserlichtkonzert (musical water and light show) in Hamburg, Germany. I just happened to capture this romantic moment between a couple in front of me, whom I know only by silhouette.

Photo by Margaret Metzler '11, Hamburg, Germany

Second Place

Everyday on my way to class, I passed this "Buongiorno principessa" graffiti (a phrase from the Italian film "La Vita è Bella," in English "Life is Beautiful"). To me this photo combines so many elements of Italian culture: the ever-present bicycles, a sense of romanticism, and even the woman, who stares unabashedly as she passes (a very Florentine thing to do). Even the anarchist sign over the graffiti communicates a message about the way Italian society functions in chaos—but still functions well.

Photo by Claire Harper '11, Florence, Italy

Sense of Place and Culture

First Place

I took this photo in the Kapadokya region of Central Anatolia. The structure in the picture is called a fairy chimney. Fairy chimneys are volcanic stone formations found in Central Anatolia. Some fairy chimneys, like the one I photographed, are hollowed and used as homes or indoor spaces by the locals.

Photo by Alana Casey '11

Second Place

This is a photo taken while I was on vacation in Petra, Jordan during my semester studying abroad in Cairo. It shows two Bedouin men selling rides on camels to the many tourists who visit the ancient city of Petra. This photo is submitted to the category of Culture/Place because the deep red of the rock, the brightly adorned camels, and the two Bedouin men really exemplify the famous landmark.

Photo by Danielle Covatta '11

Landscape and Nature

First Place

This photo was taken on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, on the border of Scotland and England. This island can only be reached during low tides and gives off a distinct feeling of being in nature. The sheep and a castle are typically present in many landscapes of this region but this photo also contains the sea and lime kilns.

Photo by Cora Waterman '11

Second Place

This is a photograph of a wild horse roaming the northern coast (near Lynton and Lynmouth) in Devon, England.

Photo by Phoebe Harris '11