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Helpful Tips & Instructions

Financial Aid Statement from Banner

  1. Go to BannerWeb
  2. Enter your student ID number and password.
  3. Select "Student and Financial Aid Information."
  4. Select "Student Financial Services Information Menu" (financial aid).
  5. Select "Award by Aid YEAR" (financial aid).
  6. Once the information is displayed, go to Edit and Select All, then Copy or select Current Academic Year and print from the heading "Award Package by Aid Year" through the table of award information.
  7. Paste into a Word document, save, print and attach to application form.

Preparing a Budget

Use the Budget Worksheet (XLS) as a template to prepare your budget and calculate the amount of funding to request.

  1. Expenses: What are the expenses required for you to complete your project?

Expenses include international travel, local transportation, room and board, major incidentals required for you to participate in the project and reasonable daily living costs. Study may include books; research may include photocopying, library fees, archival access fees; travel may include visas, vaccinations or a first aid kit.

  1. Resources: What resources will you contribute to the project?

Resources include the income and contributions that you can dedicate specifically to the project. These may include your own savings, a family contribution, frequent flyer miles that you plan to use, free housing or meals or another grant.

  1. Funding Request: How much additional funding do you need to complete the project?

Your funding request will be the amount that you need after subtracting your projected expenses from your total resources. Be conservative, since most funding is limited. Funding committees will appreciate careful, practical and conservative funding requests.

Expense Reports

The college requires that you document that you spent your grant funds for the purpose for which they were awarded. To do this, complete the Expense Report Form (DOC) and attach receipts for at least the amount of your award. Submit your expense report and receipts to the Office for International Study within one week of returning to campus.

Failure to do so will result in your student account being charged for the amount of your award. Any unspent funds must be returned to the Office for International Study.

Thank-You Notes

A thank-you note may be a condition of your grant award. Inquire at the Office for International Study if you aren't sure which fund your award is from and if a note is required.

Thank-you notes should be addressed to the stewards of the fund from which your award was made (e.g., "Dear Stewards of the Wilder Fund...") and should contain the following information:

Thank-you notes should not mention the dollar amount received.

Upon your return, e-mail your thank-you note and photo to stewardship coordinator Kay Barbieri (kbarbier@smith.edu) in the Office of Advancement. Be sure to include your name, class year and the name of the fund from which you received an award in your e-mail and in your thank-you note. She will arrange to have your words of appreciation printed on bond paper and sent by post to the donor.

Restrictions on Use of Human Subjects for Research

If your research involves human subjects, federal law may require approval by a formally convened Smith College Institutional Review Board (IRB), a process that can take five weeks. If you intend to interview or study people for your research project, please contact Professor Phil Peake and visit the IRB Web site.

If you have any questions about the IRB application process, contact Katherine McCusker, (413) 585-3927.