Transit Stipend Request Form

Transit stipends are only issued to cover expenses for students who must use public transportation to get from their accommodations to their classes. In some instances (especially in London and other large cities) taking public transportation does not expedite a student's journey to and from classes, in which case a stipend will not be issued.

In order to request a transit stipend please provide the following information:

Program or host university
Program or host university location
Does your program/host Institution offer any assistance with transportation costs?
If yes, how much will you receive?
Do you have the option of obtaining a monthly pass or student discount?
If yes, please give details
What mode of transportation will you be taking (bus, subway, bike rental)?
Please provide the address of where you are currently living
Semester/term start date
Semester/term end date
Semester/term break start date
Semester/term break end date*
Note: This time period will not be calculated into the amount of the stipend.
Number of weeks in the term/semester
How much money (in local currency) will you spend each week?
How much money (in U.S. dollars) will you spend each week?
Total amount (in U.S. dollars) requested
Please provide the details of your commute (i.e., amount of time it takes to walk vs. taking public transportation, any additional course requirements that involve transportation, class schedule (frequency, night classes)).
Is there any additional information that should be taken into consideration regarding this request?
Please print this page before sending it to the Office for International Study so that you have a copy for your records.

Your Transit Stipend Request Form will be sent to the budget coordinator in the Office for International Study. You can expect to receive a reply within three to five business days.