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Continental Europe

Visit the United Kingdom and Ireland page for programs in England, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Scholarship opportunities

NSEP Boren Scholarships provide funding for students studying in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Russia.

Czech Republic

CET Prague
Terms: Fall, Spring
Location: Old Town, Prague
Language of Instruction: English, Czech
Prerequisites: None (must study Czech while in Prague).
Program Highlights: CET has three program tracks in Prague: Central European studies, Jewish studies and Film Production (based at FAMU International). Courses are taught at the CET Center in Prague with options of taking classes at Charles University in English. There is no language prerequisite for the program. Housing in self-catered apartments with Czech and/or fellow CET roommates and exursions to Terezin, Poland, Cesky Krumlov and Budapest are provided.

SIT Czech Republic: Arts and Social Change
Terms: Fall, Spring
Location: Old Town, Prague
Language of Instruction: English
Prerequisites: None (must study Czech while in Prague).
Program Highlights: Study arts, community and transition, and Czech language while based in Prague. Complete an independent study, visit rural areas and neighboring countries and attend performances to learn about transformation of civil society in the Czech republic.


DIS in Copenhagen
Terms: Fall, Spring, Year
Location: Copenhagen
Language of Instruction: English, Danish
Prerequisites: None (must study Danish while in Copenhagen).
Program Highlights: Courses are taught in English by Danish professors and are in affiliation with the University of Copenhagen. Courses are also open within the University of Copenhagen with other Danish and international students. The program offers course work focusing on European themes and issues and utilizes Copenhagen's strong research environment using course-integrated, hands-on field studies, comparative field projects and study tours in Denmark, Europe and Russia. Family-hosted or residence-hall housing is available, or students may wish to arrange independent housing.




College Year in Athens
Terms: Fall, Spring, Year
Location: Athens
Language of Instruction: Modern and ancient Greek, English
Prerequisites: Smith requires students to study modern Greek while on the program and strongly recommends conversational Greek prior to study abroad.
Program Highlights: Modern and ancient Greek taught at all levels, classical studies, Mediterranean studies, archaeology and anthropology. Courses taught in English for American students only. Housing in student apartments. Excursions, study tour and orientation included.

Note: Professor Thalia Pandiri (Comparative Literature) has visited the programs in Athens, and interested students may contact her if they wish.


AIT in Budapest
Terms: Fall, Spring
Location: Budapest
Language of Instruction: English (must study Hungarian while in Budapest)
Prerequisites: The AIT curriculum is based on small courses with a high-level of interaction among all participants. Successful candidates should therefore have the confidence and maturity to participate actively in such an environment. Also, AIT students are expected to have computational and mathematical sophistication including: at least one course that involves programming (in any modern language), exposure to concepts in data structures, mathematical maturity developed through a college mathematics course beyond calculus (e.g. linear algebra, discrete mathematics, etc.
Program Highlights: AIT is specifically designed for computer science and software engineering students, offering a curriculum that combines foundational computing courses with innovative courses in entrepreneurship, design, and special topics that are not easy to find elsewhere. Prime examples of our rich curriculum include a design course with Ernő Rubik (inventor of Rubik's Cube), an innovative computer vision course for digital film post-production, and courses in computational biology.

Bard, Central European University
Terms: Fall, Year
Location: Budapest
Language of Instruction: English (must study Hungarian while in Budapest)
Prerequisites: at least a 3.0 GPA overall (3.3 for graduate-level courses), with very strong grades in subjects related to the intended course of study.
Program Highlights: CEU is an American-style, international, graduate-level instition in Budapest, whose 1,000 students hail from more than 70 countries. All instruction is in English, but at the graduate level, so students must prepare for a rigorous academic experience. CEU is a great option for students studying history, religion, gender studies, government and Jewish studies.

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics
Terms: Fall, Spring, Year
Location: Budapest
Language of Instruction: English, Hungarian
Prerequisites: A strong math background recommended
Program Highlights: Focused program on mathematics, taught in English, at the Technical University of Budapest. Courses also offered in Hungarian language and area studies. Housing options include homestay or student apartments. Orientation, excursions and activities included. Optional intensive language instruction offered before the program begins.

Scholarship: NSEP Boren scholarships are available for study in Hungary.


SIT Iceland and Greenland: Climate Change and the Arctic
Terms: Fall, Spring
Location: Ísafjörður
Language of Instruction: English
Prerequisites: None (must study Icelandic with SIT).
Program Highlights: Study climate models, carbon management, and the impact of climate change on Arctic ecosystems and societies. Visit renewable energy centers and glaciers amidst Iceland’s and Greenland’s unique landscapes.


See Smith in Florence

Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies (ICCS)
Smith Consortium Program
Terms: Fall, Spring
Location: Rome
Language of Instruction: English
Prerequisites: One year of Italian language or an intensive summer Italian course is strongly recommended, but not required. Applicants must be currently majoring in classics or classical history/civilization, or in archaeology or art history with strong classical interests and background. A background in Roman History is strongly advised. ICCS will give preference to those students who are prepared to take courses in Latin and/or ancient Greek at the intermediate level or higher.
Program Highlights: ICCS is administered by Duke University. Classes taken at the ICCS center include Greek, Latin, art history and Roman history. Classes are taught in English. Housing in program-run dorm. Field trips are program-sponsored. Travel is included.

Note: Professor Scott Bradbury (Classics) and Thalia Pandiri (Comparative Literature) have spent time at ICCS, and interested students may contact them.


SIT the Netherlands: International Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender
Terms: Fall, Spring
Location: Amsterdam
Language of Instruction: English, Dutch
Prerequisites: None (must study Dutch with SIT).
Program Highlights: Program offers a 13-week homestay, educational excursions to London and Berlin and a four-week independent study project.

University College Roosevelt
Terms: Fall, Spring, Year
Location: Middelburg
Lanuage of Instruction: English
Prerequsites: 3.3 GPA
Highlights: The name University College Roosevelt, encapsulates the core features of its identity. Above all, the University is proud to offer a Liberal Arts and Sciences program with over 200 high-quality courses that not only provide a unique educational experience but also prepare students for top master programs all over the world. But it's also a College, a small and tight-knit academic community of 600 students and dedicated faculty and staff, with a residential campus and a very active student body. The Roosevelt part points at the fundamental values in the field of global citizenship that were formulated by Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt that UCR seeks to foster and strengthen amongst its students and faculty from all over the world.


CIEE in Lisbon
Terms: Fall, Spring, Year
Location: Lisbon
Language of Instruction: English, Portuguese
Prerequisites: Two semesters of Portuguese.
Program Highlights: The program is based at Universidade Nove de Lisboa, where students study Portugese and take program courses in English or enroll in university courses in humanities and social sciences. Students live in modern university residences with common kitchens and wireless internet. Weekend excusions in the past have included Envora and Foz Coa; participation in city-based cultural and social activities is encouraged.


Bard-Smolny Study Abroad Program
Terms: Fall, Spring, Year
Location: St. Petersburg
Language of Instruction: Russian and English
Prerequisites: 4 semesters of Russian language (summer language intensive available)
Program Highlights: Students study Russian as a second language and enroll in liberal arts courses with Russian students at Smolny College, the first liberal arts college in Russia, and a joint enterprise between Bard College and St. Petersburg State University. Includes orientation, cultural programming and excursions. Students choose housing in dormitories or with host families.

Middlebury College in Russia
Terms: Fall, Spring, Year
Location: Moscow or Yaroslavl
Language of Instruction: Russian: full- or partial-immersion opportunities
Prerequisites: Two years of Russian language (summer language courses available)
Program Highlights: Classes are taught by university professors especially for program participants. Students choose between homestay and dormitory accommodations. Orientation and excursions included.


Programa de Estudios Hispánicos en Córdoba (PRESHCO)
Smith Consortium Program
Terms: Fall, Spring, Year
Location: Córdoba
Language of Instruction: Spanish
Prerequisites: Two years of Spanish.
Program Highlights: Participants take courses specially tailored for American students and taught entirely in Spanish by faculty from the University of Córdoba. Housing options include homestays, boarding houses and student apartments. PRESHCO offers an orientation at the beginning of each semester as well as regular excursions and activities. Full-year participants must make their own arrangements for the month-long winter break between semesters.

Note: Professors Nancy Sternbach (Latin American & Latino/a Studies) and Martha Ackelsburg (Government) have been resident directors of PRESHCO and M. Estela Harretche (Latin American & Latino/a Studies) has visited the program; interested students may contact them.

Hamilton College Academic Year in Spain
Terms: Spring, Year
Location: Madrid
Language of Instruction: Spanish
Prerequisites:Students must demonstrate a good academic record (at least a B overall average) and high grades in Spanish (with at least one college course above the intermediate level).
Program Highlights: Extensive orientation at the start of each semester, with classes conducted entirely in Spanish to American students at a private Spanish university, taught by Spanish faculty members especially for the program. Students live in Spanish homes and may arrange to stay in the homes during vacations at their own expense. A month-long break separates the fall and spring terms. The program includes excursions and offers a six- to eight-hour-a-week internship program.

Knox College in Barcelona
Terms: Spring (winter+spring trimester), Year
Location: Barcelona
Language of Instruction: Spanish
Prerequisites: Four semesters of Spanish.
Program Highlights: In cooperation with the University of Barcelona, the program offers accredited academic study in the humanities and social sciences. Students choose courses from the program offerings and may also take classes offered by the University of Barcelona. All of the courses are taught in Spanish by professors from the University of Barcelona. Students live with host families so that they have more opportunities to know Spanish people and live and learn more about the Spanish culture. Cultural field trips are organized by the program.

Skidmore & Tufts in Madrid
Terms: Spring, Year
Location: Madrid
Language of Instruction: Spanish
Prerequisites: Junior or senior status, two years of Spanish and two courses in Spanish literature.
Program Highlights: Students take classes at the program's center (which is located near the Bellas Artes ceter, and is not near other American study programs), and at the Universidad Autonoma, fully integrated with Spanish students. Orientation, excursions and activities included. Housing with local families.
Note: Interested students should go through Skidmore College to apply for this program. Access the program application here.