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Important COVID-19 Information

Please note that all campus buildings and houses are closed to visitors and the general public. For updates on Smith’s COVID-19 response plan, please visit the “Culture of Care” website.

The Helen Hills Hills Chapel is not available for use by outside groups for the remainder of 2021. Check back early 2022.

The Center for Religious & Spiritual Life hosts spaces for student activities such as prayer, religious services, group meetings, performances and for simply hanging out. Most of these spaces are located in Helen Hills Hills Chapel, but others may be found around campus.

Helen Hills Hills Chapel Sanctuary

The main sanctuary, simple in its beauty, has outstanding acoustics and is the perfect place to hold religious services, lectures, concerts, performances, and other similar events. It is a flexible multifaith or secular space, and the chairs can be rearranged to accommodate multiple types of programming.

Bodman Lounge

Located in the chapel’s lower level, Bodman Lounge provides the comforts of home. It has couches, Wi-fi, a library of religious texts and an adjacent full kitchen. We encourage informal use of the space without a reservation, but students and groups can reserve the space for events.

Chapel Kitchen

The kitchen is closed for renovation for the 2021-2022 semester. Check back with us in Fall 2022!

The kitchen is located in the lower level of the chapel. It is conveniently connected to Bodman Lounge, but can also be used separately without disturbing ongoing programs in Bodman. The kitchen is fully stocked with appliances, dishes, and utensils—bring your own ingredients.  If you wish to use this space, you must contact Kim Alston or Maureen Raucher to reserve it. Be sure to follow the kitchen guidelines, not remove anything from the kitchen and clean up afterwards!

Reading Room

The Reading Room was created to house a collection of contemporary writing: personal stories about loss, mistakes, dreams, and hopes that are intended to offer learning about the spiritual journey through the guidance and experience of others. You can find Mother Teresa’s biography, the sayings of Thich Nhat Hanh, and anything in between. The collection in the Reading Room is not stagnant; the Center continues to collect books from the most unlikely places: from Raven, the used bookstore downtown, to the Director's town dump! Come in to find a new favorite or to rediscover an old friend.

The reading room is meant to be an intimate and comforting space. While the space can be reserved for small group meetings, please respect the idea of the space and any others who may be using it. If you wish to reserve this space, contact Kim Alston or Maureen Raucher.

Blue Room

The Blue Room is a quiet space in the basement of the Chapel for contemplative practice, prayer or meditation. Resources in the Blue Room include religious texts, prayer rugs, meditation pillows, chimes, and candles, and the cardinal directions are marked on the walls. The Blue Room is a sacred space: anyone using the space is asked to remove their shoes and only use it for activities that align with the space’s purpose. No food or drink is permitted in this space. Groups may use the room, but louder or larger group meetings are asked to please reserve a different space, such as the Bodman Lounge.

Hindu Mandir

The chapel houses a Hindu prayer space located on the west side of the balcony level of the chapel. Equipped with images, incense, and religious texts, it is a place for Hindu worship and prayer.

Wright Hall Prayer Space

The Wright Hall prayer space is intended to replace the prayer space in Washburn House while the house is closed for the library renovations. Located in Wright 004, it is intended to be a quiet, contemplative space for anyone in the Smith community to pray, reflect or meditate. Resources include religious texts and prayer rugs, candles, and the direction of East is marked on the wall. This space is meant as a quiet space and group meetings should be held elsewhere.

If you would like to use this space, please contact Maureen Raucher or Kim Alston for access or questions about using the space.

Kosher Kitchen

The kosher community kitchen (warmly referred to as the "K"), located at Jordan House, is a student-run space (under the direction of Dining Services and the Center for Religious and Spiritual Life) that serves as a cooking, eating and meeting facility for everyone interested in the Jewish tradition and community. The "K" model is a co-op and students who participate all play a role in the meal preparation, purchasing of food, cleanup and meal planning. It is not uncommon to find the space teeming with choppers, would-be chefs, dishwashers, and other helpers on any Friday morning or afternoon. During the academic year, special holiday events and other occasional Jewish programming activities are held at the Kosher Co-op Kitchen and all students are welcome to attend.