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Helen Hills Hills Chapel

Even though it looks like a church, the Helen Hills Hills Chapel is in fact a multifaith space where people of all faiths (or no faith!) are free to gather. The chapel has several spaces for worship and reflection; some require reservations and others may be reserved if necessary.

Wright Hall Prayer Space

The Wright Hall prayer space is intended to replace the prayer space in Washburn House while the house is closed for the library renovations. Located in Wright 004, it is intended to be a quiet, contemplative space for anyone in the Smith Community to pray, reflect or meditate. Resources include religious texts and prayer rugs, candles, and the direction of East is marked on the wall. 

If you would like to use this space, please contact Maureen Raucher or Kim Alston for access or questions about using the space.

Kosher Kitchen

The kosher community kitchen (warmly referred to as the "K"), located at Jordan House, is a student-run space (under the direction of Dining Services and the Center for Religious and Spiritual Life) that serves as a cooking, eating and meeting facility for everyone interested in the Jewish tradition and community. The "K" model is a co-op and students who participate all play a role in the meal preparation, purchasing of food, cleanup and meal planning. It is not uncommon to find the space teeming with choppers, would-be chefs, dishwashers, and other helpers on any Friday morning or afternoon. During the academic year, special holiday events and other occasional Jewish programming activities are held at the Kosher Co-op Kitchen and all students are welcome to attend.