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Off-Campus Work-Study

Off-campus work-study is an opportunity to gain experience in the public sector at nonprofit agencies, often in the student's area of study. Because it is also a form of community service, off-campus work-study is an excellent addition to a student's résumé.

Please Note

Students may inquire about specific non-profit agencies they'd like to work with to see if they are current Smith affiliates or to have the agency apply to become an affliliate.


Only returning students with "Federal Work-Study" in their award notification can hold off-campus work-study positions. No exceptions are made, even after campus based jobs are opened up to non-Work-Study.

Pay Rate

$10.50 per hour increasing to $11.50 per hour January 1, 2017.

How to Apply

To apply for an off-campus work-study position, you must follow these steps:

  1. Apply for the position on JobX
  2. Once hired, you must complete the Off-Campus Work-Study Contract (PDF) with your supervisor and submit it to the student employment office immediately. You cannot work until you have submitted the contract and receive an email verifying your hire.

Your Responsibilities

You are still subject to the same policies you would be if you were working on campus.

Commitment to the Program

Only consider off-campus work-study if you can truly commit yourself to the agency and its work. Treat your off-campus work as seriously as you do your academic work. Not only will you be getting valuable experience, but also future employers will consider the importance of the work you do off campus.