How will the program work?

Jenny Silver will have a preliminary meeting with interested employees to understand their career goals and then match them with the appropriate networking volunteer. For example, if someone wanted to understand the educational requirements, experience, and competencies to become a philanthropic officer, they’d be connected to an experienced employee in Development who has volunteered to become part of Networking@Smith.

How will I know if someone wants to meet with me?

Human Resources will provide networking volunteers with the employee’s name and areas of interest. The employee will contact you directly to schedule a convenient meeting time.

How long would a typical meeting last?

Thirty minutes would be the average. You could meet in your office, the Campus Center, for coffee, or any other convenient place. Jenny will prep staff in advance to be prepared with specific questions so that the time will be well spent.

How should I prepare?

Think about the specific information you’d like to know from the person you’re going to meet and develop a list of questions. Below are some examples:

  • What are the most important qualifications and skills for a position in this field?
  • What additional training, courses or educational requirements will I need to transition into your field?
  • What is a typical career path for someone starting in your field?
  • What are typical entry level positions?
  • What is the most important thing that someone planning to enter this field should know?
  • Which professional journals and publications should I be reading to learn more about this field?
  • What professional organizations associated with this career should I join?
  • Do you have any special words of warning or encouragement as a result of your experience?
  • How would you assess the experience I’ve had so far in terms of the requirements for entering this field?

If you have additional questions, please contact Jenny Silver or call 413-585-2288.