Socks for Scholarships

This spring, we are asking alums celebrating Reunion to come together in support of current Smithies. Your support for scholarships has an incredible impact on the lives of our students—and on the communities each of these students inhabits as they make their impact on the world.

Your generosity means affording college won’t be an obstacle for any admitted student. And from April 20 to May 20, your gift of $60 or more will earn you a pair of limited-edition Smith socks to wear and show off your Smith pride!

Last year, Smith received nearly $500,000 in gifts of $100 or less. Your gift is important, no matter the size. The average need-based scholarship grant is more than $48,000. That means that 10 students had their full financial need met because of support from these contributors. Your gift of $60 today will earn you a coveted pair of Smith socks AND support a student today.

Our special edition Smith socks are only available to alums celebrating their Reunion in June 2021.

To receive your pair, make a gift of $60 or more between April 20 and May 20 to one of these Smith Fund designations: Essential Smith, International Scholarships, or Ada Comstock Scholarships.


Socks for Scholarships, a limited-edition opportunity for alums celebrating Reunion this year! Pictured: Socks, bright blue decorated with a repeating pattern of Smith's informal seal in royal purple.

One pair of socks per alum/donor. Alums must make their own donation (no gifts from one person on behalf of a class/group). Alums who have pledged (to one of the above designations) but not yet made their gift can pay their pledge in this timeframe to receive a pair of socks. The full gift of $60 or more must be given in the date range; sustaining monthly supporters will need to make a new outright gift of $60 or more to qualify for a pair of socks. If there are enough socks left at the end of the campaign, we will plan to mail socks to individuals who contributed by postal mail (but where their gift arrived after the end date of the campaign). Socks will be mailed at the end of the campaign (not on a rolling basis).