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2nd Annual Staff Day of Service a Huge Success

On May 6, 2015, six staff members volunteered at Nuestras Raices in Holyoke for a Day of Service. Jonathan Surrency, Volunteer Coordinator, gave the group of tour of the farm and oversaw the work as they spent a beautiful spring day wielding shovels, hammers and pickaxes to dig trenches. The volunteers also replanted peppers and planted spinach in the Community Youth Program garden. All ended the day with a good feeling of making a positive difference in our community.

Stacey Anasazi (Museum of Art), Liz Hait (Kahn Institute), Juliet Hansen (Development), Linda Gregory (Libraries), Naomi Miller (Engineering), and Ashli Stempel (Executive Education)Stacy Anasazi (Museum of Art), Liz Hait (Kahn Institute), Juliet Hansen (Development), Linda Gregory (Libraries), Naomi Miller (Engineering) and Ashli Stempel (Executive Education) participated in the 2nd annual Staff Day of Service.

More Information

Any staff member interested in participating or who has an idea of a local organization that might welcome a future Day of Service trip, is encouraged to contact us at staffcouncil@smith.edu.

Opportunity to Teach at Northampton Senior Center

If you are interested in gaining teaching experience and giving back to the community, consider teaching a class at the Senior Center on Conz Street. The center is actively seeking instructors for classes on a variety of topics, and offering both paid and volunteer positions. For more information, contact Heather Cahillane, Program Coordinator, at 413-587-1307 or hcahillane@northamptonma.gov.

Meals on Wheels Volunteers

Meals on Wheels is part of a full set of services available to elders in this area, including such things as home health care, care management, money management, adult day programs, etc. Meals are delivered in 27 towns in the area, totaling about 650 meals per day. We are urgently seeking volunteer drivers in a number of locations. Elders are asked, but not required, to make a voluntary donation to help cover a portion of the meal cost. Programs do receive some state and federal funds but are stretched very thin.

More Information

If interested in volunteering, please contact Michael Stephens, Highland Valley Elder Services, at mstephens@highlandvalley.org.