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Since its inception in 1992 the Smith College Staff Council has provided a comprehensive communication network for the exchange of information between staff and administration, organized college-wide programs to facilitate personal and professional growth, promoted college-wide discussion of issues through public meetings and forums, and planned extracurricular activities, such as trips to New York City, cookie swaps and media exchange events.

The Smith College Staff Council meets monthly and works in a variety of ways to provide all staff with an opportunity for focused and direct involvement in the Smith College community.

Smith College Staff Council Charter (PDF)

2017-2018 Staff Council Officers


Deborah Wijnhoven and Rebecca Washut

Co-Vice Chairs

Eric Jensen and Louise Krieger


Jennifer Blackburn


Thomas Lark


Staff from the entire Smith community are welcome and encouraged to join Staff Council committees.

The Staff Council has six standing committees. Each Staff Council member is expected to serve on and attend all meetings of their respective committee.

Committee Chairs

The chairperson of each committee is elected by committee members. In addition to planning and running meetings, the chair is responsible for reporting regularly on the committee's work to the full Staff Council. All committee chairs also serve on the Staff Council Steering Committee.

Ad Hoc Committees

The Staff Council creates ad hoc committees as the need arises. Ad hoc committees have broad representation; employees who are directly involved in an issue are represented.