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Information Technology Services (ITS) maintains computer resource centers for students, commonly known as “computer labs”, in various locations across campus. These labs provide students with free access to Dell and Apple computers and Smith-standard software. Laser printing is available in the labs for a reasonable fee. Dormitory rooms are wired for connectivity to the Smith network and for full internet access and wireless service is available in almost all locations.

With all of these facilities on campus, some students feel it is not necessary to own a personal computer or printer. However, the structure of the School for Social Work graduate program makes owning a personal computer extremely useful. Many courses include computer assignments and also require use of standard word processing software. The portability of laptop computers makes them especially practical, particularly during internships.

If you would like to take advantage of the convenience of having a personal computer, the Smith College Computer Store offers a wide selection of computer equipment. Products from Dell, Apple, Canon, Microsoft and other manufacturers are available at substantial savings, due to our special educational pricing. Knowledgeable Computer Store consultants are on hand to help you determine the proper configuration for your needs.

In April, you will be receiving more detailed information via email about our recommended computer configurations, as well as ordering information. Please visit the Smith College Computer Store web site to explore your options: If you have questions, contact the Computer Store at (413) 585-3027 or email us at