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More than 375 women and men come to the Smith campus each summer, with the entering class representing about 125 of these students. Students come from across the country, reflecting a diversity of many kinds including race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, and physical ability. All are joined by one common pursuit - a master's degree in social work. They are supported in their professional ambition by seventeen resident and more than a hundred adjunct faculty members, all of whom bring a broad and deep expertise in and dedication to clinical social work.

Extracurricular activities and additional learning opportunities planned by students fill the summer weeks from the Student Orientation to the Senior Skit and graduation. Through the sponsorship of various student organizations, students host lectures, discussion groups, demonstrations, and other creative events that inspire and ignite campus energies. Students also present their research projects at community colloquia and organize a range of varied social and recreational events during the summer months. As a largely residential community, exchanges among students and between students and faculty extend beyond the classroom, spilling into dining halls and cross-campus walks, creating an informal and ongoing supportive environment.