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Student Org Positions 2016-2017
Student Org. E4 (Executive Four)

Governing Body Executive Committee
Collective Shilpa Trivedi (A2)
Hannah Smith (A2)
Liam Malone (A2)
Remainder of Governing Body
Secretary Dorothy Manley (A2)
Treasurers Molly O'Connor (A2)
One A1 Vacancy
Curriculum Co-Chairs  
A'18 Alexandra Sobieraj
Anna Deering
A'17 Ben Borkan
Malcolm Miller
Field Replacement Representatives
A'18 Elena Schwartz
Kamila Baker
Adam Gaubinger
Alison Davies
Class Representatives
A1 Class
Two to Three Vacancies
A2 Class
Maggie Furey
One A1/A2Vacancy
Other Representatives
Campus Life Representatives Rebekah Milhoan (A1)
One A1/A2 Vacancy
Communications Representative Leah Gold (A2)
Off-Campus Representative One to Two Vacancies
(A1 or A2)
Financial Aid Representative One Vacancy (A1 or A2)
Academic Support Services Representative Andrea Carnegie (A2)
Admissions Representative Sizana Ezana (A1)
Registration Representative Martha Early (A2)
Social Action Representative Kai Lynch (A2)
Curriculum Committee Secretary Melissa Rocheleau (A1)
Curriculum Committee Sequence Representatives
Research Rep One A1 Vacancy
One A2 Vacancy
Social Welfare Policy and Services Rep Amber Zinni (A1)
One A2 Vacancy
Social Work Practice (1 position A1, 1 position A2) Lauren Newman (A2)
One A1 Vacancy
Human Behavior in the Social Environment Susana Gomez (A2)
A1 position to be confirmed
Council 2016-2017 E-board
President Courtney Tucker
Co-Vice Presidents Michiko Mitsunaga-Whitten
Jameson Wolf
Secretary Nicole Canonigo
Co-Treasurer Shilpa Trivedi
Nelly Carmona
Historian Brianna Suslovic
Social Chair Alexandra Sobieraj
Curriculum Rep Lucie-Ann Chen
Field Reps Sabriya Dillard
Kai Lynch
Student Org Rep Seana Peterson

Ph.D. Student Organization (DSO)




Neena Ajwani
Lynn Raine


Zev Ganz


Zev Ganz

Curriculum Committee Representatives

Elizabeth Anable

Alumni Representatives

Pam Begay

Council for Students of Color Representatives

Nicole Wilson

LGBT Student

Marco Posadas

Master's Program

Heather Gregory

Updated 9/21/16