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Waiving Coverage

Students can waive coverage by completing the waiver section of the Online Waiver/Enrollment Form.


Before waiving you should review your current policy to be sure that it provides comparable coverage by considering the following:

Health plan waiver deadlines

All returning students who wish to waive enrollment in the School's health plan must complete waivers in July. New students complete the waivers in the spring before their first summer term and again in July for the following year.

Detailed information about the deadlines and how to complete the waiver are sent to students by email and posted on the Buzz.

Waiving Instructions

After reviewing these considerations, if you wish to waive coverage,

  1. Log on to Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk.
  2. Your username is your Smith College e-mail address. Your password is your Smith college ID number. If your ID number is less than nine digits, add zeros to the left (e.g., 123456 becomes 000123456).
  3. Select "I Want to Waive" button. When waiving the insurance, have your current health insurance ID card ready as you will need this information in order to complete the waiver form.
  4. Immediately upon submitting your online form, you will receive a confirmation number. Please save this number and print a copy of your confirmation for your records.