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MSW Admission Application

Autobiographical Sketch

In order for the school to obtain a clear picture of who you are, why you have chosen to pursue a clinical social work education, and your readiness for graduate work, we ask you to respond to the following four questions. The responses should be in your own words and be between six to ten double-spaced, typed pages total.

Please attend to each question carefully and separately.

  1. How did you become interested in clinical social work? What social issues and/or academic, volunteer, or paid work experiences have influenced your choice of social work as a profession?
  2. Please describe the significant interpersonal relationships and life experiences that have contributed to your individual development, values and belief systems.
  3. Please comment on your readiness for undertaking graduate clinical social work education:
  • Address how you believe you will face the rigorous demands of coursework and field education (in the latter case, especially in terms of being able to handle the emotional and practical demands of dealing with client and community problems). 
  • If you have encountered particular challenges in your own life, describe strategies used to address these challenges as they may relate to your capacity to engage in clinical social work.
  1. The Smith College School for Social work only offers a clinical concentration. Why do you believe that the Smith College School for Social Work is a good fit for you?  How would an education in clinical social work benefit your long term goals?

Please be sure to put your name on your autobiographical sketch.

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Statement of Use

If an applicant enters the program, the autobiographical statement becomes part of the student's confidential file which is available to faculty for educational planning purposes only.