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Advanced Standing additional required materials

Please respond to the questions in essay format. You will be able to submit this document at the bottom of this page.

  1. BSW Field Internship (Approximately one page, double spaced)
    Please describe the nature of your BSW field practicum, including a description of the setting in which you worked and your primary role and responsibilities.

  2. Case Materials

      A. Face Sheet (opens in a new window)

      B. Case Summary and Intervention (Five to seven pages, double spaced)
      Drawing upon your BSW practicum or work experience, (before, during, or after your BSW) please describe a case (individual, family, or group) with which you worked directly. Include appropriately disguised identifying information including relevant sociocultural factors (e.g., race, ethnicity, gender, etc.). Your summary should:

      1. Identify the presenting problem and describe how you and your client(s) came to understand the problem.

      2. Explain what you think are salient factors (developmental, familial or personal) that might have contributed to the problem.

      3. Describe your intervention.

      4. Describe whether or not the intervention was successful. Please explain your reasons for your conclusion.

      5. Discuss whether you had the opportunity to consult further on this case, what additional questions might you ask?

      C. Integration of Readings (one to two double spaced pages)
      Please select one of the following articles:

      Sroufe, A. & Siegel, D. The verdict is in. (n.d.) Psychotherapy Networker. Retrieved from

      Kondrat, Mary E. (2008). Person in environment. Encyclopedia of Social Work. 20th ed. 2008. Oxford, NY: NASW Press and Oxford University Press, 348-356.

      Shedler, J. The efficacy of psychodynamic psychotherapy (2010). American Psychologist 65.2. 98-109.

      After reading the article, please revisit your case: how does the theory in the article chosen help you understand your client differently?

      (You should have received or will soon be receiving these three articles from the Office of Admission.)

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If you are unable to use this form, e-mail us at the Smith College School for Social Work Office of Admisson, or call us at (413) 585-7960.