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Ph.D. Cost of Attendance

2017-2018 Cost of Attendance

The Total Cost of Attendance is set by Smith College. Billed expenses by Smith include tuition and student activity fee. Additional expenses, not directly billed by Smith include living expenses, supervisory fees and books. 

If you plan to utilize Student Loan/s to assist in financing your education, the Total Cost of Attendance (less any other aid received in an academic year) represents your maximum borrowing eligibility. Please see Federal Student Loans for application requirements and other important loan information.

2017-2018 Tuition & Fees

Program Year First year Second year Third year (summer only)
17-18 Tuition* $30,075 $30,075 $6,760
Student Activity Fee $45 $45 $45
Subtotal $30,120 $30,120 $6,805

*Tuition and fees are updated each academic year in late January.

Also, see General Billing Processes and Policies as well as Chart of Important SSW Process Dates and Related Info for bill and due dates and other important time lines.

2017-2018 Estimated Personal Expenses

Months/Academic Year First year
11 months
Second year
11 months
Third year
1.25 months
Living Expenses $23,425 $23,425 $2,650
Books & Supplies $900 $900 $900
Subtotal $24,325 $24,325 $3,550

2017-2018 Total Cost of Attendance (COA)

Total $54,445 $54,445 $10,355

The standard budget for living expenses shown is an estimate. Living expenses include rent, utilities, meals, travel and other personal expenses. Your actual expenses may be less and will vary based on living and travel arrangements, field placement location and other personal choices.

Ph.D. students are also responsible for Ph.D. supervisory fees.

Please plan your budget carefully and borrow conservatively to reflect your own personal expenses. The Department of Education provides budgeting resources to assist in your planning.

Special circumstances sometimes warrant an increase in the standard cost of attendance budget based on a student’s actual expenses in order to create additional loan eligibility. Examples include Ph.D. supervisory fees, high unreimbursed medical expenses, dependent care and/or dependent maintenance expenses. Please see our Budget Adjustments section on the Student Loans page for more information on submitting a Cost of Attendance appeal form.