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SSW doctoral student

The following is an outline of the course plan for Ph.D. students. All classes meet four hours per week unless otherwise indicated.

Session I

Weeks 1–5

620 Advanced Clinical Practice I

650 Advanced Psychological Theory I

660 Social Policy I: Health Policy & Services

670 Social Work Research Methods I (six hours weekly)

690 Advanced Social Theory I: Sociological Paradigms for Clinical Practice

Weeks 6–10

621 Advanced Clinical Practice II

626 Oppressed Populations

651 Advanced Psychological Theory II

671 Social Work Research Methods II (six hours weekly)

692 Metaperspectives on Clinical Social Work

Session II

Clinical internship and research internship. The research internship can be taken during either clinical internship or after classes are completed as a post resident.

Sesssion III

See courses page for practice electives

Weeks 1–5

820 Advanced Clinical Practice III

850 Advanced Psychological Theory III: Object Relations Theories

872 Statistical Methods for Data Analysis (six hours weekly)

890 Advanced Social Theory II: Anthropological Perspectives on Development

1072 Qualitative Research Methods

Weeks 6–10

625 Contemporary Trauma Theory and Practice

825 Theory Development and Research: Infancy and early Childhood I

861 Social Policy II: Mental Health Policy & Services

873 Statistical Methods for Data Analysis (6 hours weekly)

894 Perspectives on Social Work Education I

Session IV

Clinical internship and comprehensive examination

Session V

Weeks 1–5

1030 Senior Seminar in Clinical Social Work Theory and Practice: Intersubjectivity

1050 Advanced Psychological Theory IV: Contemporary Trends in Psychoanalytic Theory

1070 Dissertation Design Seminar

1074 Research on Clinical Social Work Practice

1090 Perspectives on Social Work Education II