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M.S.W. Academic Calendar

Times and events are subject to change. 
Updates will be available on check-in day.

* Starred items are mandatory for all entering students.
Date Time * Event
July 7, 2017     Term 1 ends
July 10 - July 14 Break week
July 17 - August 18 Term 2
July 17, 2017     Term 2 begins
August 18, 2017    

Commencement; Term 2 ends
Commencement schedule

September 5, 2017 – April 27, 2018 Field 2017-2018



You are responsible for reading all materials distributed by the SSW, and you should be aware that there may be changes in dates, times and locations of events. We will post updated information at Central Check-In and on this webpage; you can also obtain updated information through the Office of Academic Support Services.

SSW expects all students to check their Smith email accounts and to read the SSW Buzz for important communications.


Never miss a deadline or event!

The most convenient way to use our SSW Google calendars is to add them directly to your own Google calendar. They will display as separate calendars that you can turn on or off, as desired. 

To add a calendar to your Google calendar: 

  • Right click and copy the iCal URL that appears below the calendar.
  • Go to your Google calendar in a browser.
  • Find "Other calendars" on the left side of the page. Click the down-arrow to the right of it.
  • Select "Add by URL."
  • Paste in the iCal URL of the calendar you are adding.

Once you have added the calendar, you can change the color and turn it on or off by clicking the down-arrow next to the calendar name.

More information on adding Google calendars can be found in Google Support. Google calendars also can be added to other calendar systems. For details, check the Google Support page or the support page for your preferred calendar.