Joshua Miller, M.S.W., Ph.D.

Professor & Chair of the HBSE Sequence

Joshua Miller

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Lilly Hall 315


Disaster Response Resources
compiled by Joshua Miller, Ph.D. and Peggy O'Neill, Ph.D.


B.A., Clark University

M.S.W., University of Washington

Ph.D., University of Connecticut School of Family Studies


The second edition of Joshua Miller’s co-authored book, Racism in the United States: Implications for Social Work Practice was published in February 2017. He and Annemarie Gockel are working on a book entitled Integrating Positive Psychology with Social Work Practice: Cultivating Client Resilience. He is currently working with First Nations tribes in Alberta, Canada, about recovering from a major flood. He is the co-principle investigator (with Marsha Kline Pruett) of a U.S. State Department grant focusing on conflict transformation in Rwanda and Northern Uganda, and manages an ongoing psychosocial capacity building project in Northern Uganda. He is working on articles about child sexual abuse in mainland China as well as psychoeducational groups for socially targeted populations. 

In addition to his academic work, Miller has responded to, consulted on and written about many disasters including 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, the Aurora shootings, the Asian tsunami, the Haitian earthquake, armed conflict in Northern Uganda, the Sichuan Province earthquake in China, the Boston Marathon bombing and the elementary school tragedy in Newtown, Conn. He volunteers for a team that offers crisis intervention responses to firefighters, police officers and emergency medical technicians after tragedies; is a clinician with the Crisis Care Network; and often partners with local NGOs when responding to major disasters.

Prior to teaching, Miller spent 20 years as a community organizer, family therapist, group worker, researcher and was the director of public and private nonprofit child and family welfare agencies.

At Smith, Miller co-teaches the anti-racism course and teaches practice courses about psychosocial capacity building in response to disasters and cultivating client resilience. He is a faculty field adviser.


Selected Publications

Miller, J. (2015).  When the unimaginable happens: Helping children and families to heal from school shootings.  In N. B. Webb (Ed.).  Play therapy with children and adolescents in crisis: Treatments for stress, anxiety and trauma (4th ed.). NY: Guilford Press.

O’Neill, P. & Miller, J. (2015).  Hand in glove: How the curriculum promotes an antiracism commitment. Smith Studies in Social Work.

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Miller, J. (2013).  Disasters and Mental Health.  In M. Shally-Jensen (Ed.).  Mental health care issues in America: An Encyclopedia (pp. 193-202).  Santa Barbara, CA:  ABC-CLIO

Miller, J. (2012). Psychosocial capacity building in response to disasters.  NY: Columbia University Press.

Park, Y., Miller, J. & Chau, B. (2010).  “Everything has changed”: Narratives of the Vietnamese-American community in Biloxi, Mississippi. Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare, XXXVII(3),  79-105.


Professor Josh Miller leading State Department-funded program on tolerance and conflict resolution in Africa

Professor Josh Miller leading State Department-funded program on tolerance and conflict resolution in Africa

Professor Josh Miller is leading an innovative project, along with Project Director Danielle Lenhard, Ph.D., M.S.W., that will have significant impact on the work of conflict resolution in Rwanda and Uganda, and on clinical social work training in both the U.S. and abroad. Miller is principal investigator on the Professional Fellows Program: Tolerance and Conflict Resolution in Uganda and Rwanda.

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