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The Ph.D. Program

Block Plan

Like the master's program, the doctoral curriculum operates on a block plan of instruction in which periods of classroom study alternate with periods of clinical and research study in the field.

The PhD program includes two and one-half summers of on-campus intensive study and two intervening eight-month clinical practice internships.

The required and elective courses advance knowledge about:

All courses are offered on a full-time enrollment basis only.

All students receive specialized courses in teaching philosophy and methods to help them prepare for academic careers. The program also encourages all fellows not already employed in social work education to engage in some form of clinical teaching—in the classroom, in the agency, as a supervisor, or as a consultant—as part of the course of study, typically during the second internship or the final summer of on-campus study. This, too, involves mentoring by an advisor or by individual faculty members. Finally, as in all PhD programs, an individual doctoral dissertation is required. Dissertation topics may address any topic relevant to clinical social work and are selected by the fellow in consultation with the research advisor. Dissertations vary in design and research methods, but all involve a new, independent contribution to the social work literature. The dissertation marks a key transition from fellow to scholar.

Updated 10/24/13