Faculty Research

Post-Conflict Resettlement in Uganda

March 1, 2018

Professor Joanne Corbin is co-author of a recently published article in International Social Work about women in northern Uganda resettling after armed conflict and internal displacement. 

Read the Article: Resettlement post conflict: Risk and protective factors and resilience among women in northern Uganda

Exploring LBQ Family Formation

February 27, 2018

A newly published article in Family Relations by Smith SSW professors Hannah Karpman and Maria Torres and Emily Ruppel, '18, offers an intersectional analysis designed to explore how lesbian, bisexual and queer (LBQ) women of color understand and navigate family formation decisions.

Read the Article: “It wasn't feasible for us”: Queer Women of Color Navigating Family Formation

Article Published on SSW's Critical Conversations

February 6, 2018

An article by Smith SSW professor Peggy O'Neill and Hye-Kyung Kang has been published in Journal of Social Work Education. The piece presents the critical conversations (CC) model for facilitating conversations that open up space for discussing power and privilege, oppression and structural inequalities. 

Read the Article: Teaching Note—Constructing Critical Conversations: A Model for Facilitating Classroom Dialogue for Critical Learning

Rory Crath Published in Journal of Youth Studies

June 22, 2017

Professor Rory Crath's research, published in the Journal of Youth Studies, explores government sponsored arts programs for at-risk youth, with a focus on Toronto's Graffitti Transformation Project.

Read the Article: ‘Off the wall’: reading community mural making as a contestable site of urban youth governance


Professor Hannah Karpman Published in Midwifery

March 28, 2017

After two years of extensive research, which examined online peer support for queer mothers, Professor Karpman, Emily Ruppel '18, Mallory Merryman '15 & Carolyn Delk '03 saw their work published in renowned journal Midwifery on March 1, 2017. 

Read the Research [PDF]: Online maternity information seeking among lesbian, bisexual, and queer women
Daily Hampshire Gazette articleSmith researchers’ findings published in Midwifery journal


Marsha Kline Pruett on Enhancing Father Involvement

March 2017

Research published in Child Development addresses the problem of fathers’ absence from children’s lives and the difficulty of paternal engagement, especially among lower income families.

Read the Article: Enhancing Father Involvement in Low-Income Families: A Couples Group Approach to Preventive Intervention

Professor Annemarie Gockel in Qualitative Social Work

January 9, 2017

Professor Annemarie Gockel's research, published in Qualitative Social Work, explores how the growing trend toward body-oriented psychotherapy is being integrated into group work and the potential significance of this trend for social work practice with groups. 

Read the Study: Embodied connections: Engaging the body in group work

Professor Rory Crath Published in Culture, Health & Sexuality

January 3, 2017

Assistant Professor Rory Crath looked at public health reporting in Canada’s leading newspaper, The Globe and Mail, and its impact on the moral, social and biological dimensions of gay male subjectivity and sexuality within the context of HIV risk discourses. 

Read the Article: Paradoxes of an assimilation politics: media production of gay male belonging in the Canadian ‘vital public’ from the tainted blood scandal to the present


The Risks of Advocacy Bias

April 20, 2016

Professor Marsh Kline Pruett is a co-author of an article published in Family Court Review looking at how biased research evidence by scholar advocates results in increased confusion and controversy that diminishes the credibility of all parties. 

Read the Article: Convenient and Inconvenient Truths in Family Law: Preventing Scholar-Advocacy Bias in the Use of Social Science Research for Public Policy

Professor James Drisko on Evidence Based Practice

July 29, 2015

Professor James Drisko's article in the Clinical Social Work Journal explores current challenges that social workers and the profession continue to face in integrating EBP into professional practice and social work education.

Read the Article: Evidence-Based Practice in Social Work: A Contemporary Perspective

What Clinical Social Workers Need to Know

July 10, 2015

Professor James Drisko's recent article looks at changes in social work education and argues for maintaining a biopsychosocial and psychodynamic perspective in training and in the practice of clinical social work.

Read the Article: What Clinical Social Workers Need to Know: Bio-psycho-social Knowledge and Skills for the Twenty First Century

Supporting Father Involvement

January 2015

Professor Marsha Kline Pruett contributed a chapter about father involvement to the book Parenting Plan Evaluations: Applied Research for the Family Court.

Read More: Supporting Father Involvement in the Context of Separation and Divorce