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Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Peggy O’Neill was appointed Associate Dean for the Smith College School for Social Work in 2015. She oversees the Chairs committee and implementation of the curriculum, Field Department, Continuing Education, Faculty Registrar and serves as the Dean of Students. She came to Smith in 2012 following eight years as senior lecturer at Columbia University School of Social Work. O’Neill has taught across the clinical and social enterprise administration methods. She is particularly interested in deepening authentic connections and relationships across differences with particular attention to challenging oppression and finding resilience in the face of trauma.

With several years of experience working with diverse communities facing trauma post-9/11, O’Neill  has worked on co-developing, implementing and evaluating resiliency based, culturally and linguistically attuned psychoeducational groups, and has 25 years of clinical and administrative social work practice in health/mental health care. She directed an employee assistance program (EAP) for seven years serving employees and families of a large teaching hospital, and multiple for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. She developed the organizational development and consulting component of the EAP to support and emphasize the human aspects of the workplace.

She continues to work as a clinical social worker/psychotherapist consultant.

O’Neill received her bachelor’s degree in special education from Boston College, her master’s degree from the Columbia University School of Social Work, and her Ph.D. from New York University.