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As a single department with two majors—one in Spanish, the other in Portuguese and Brazilian studies—our curricular commitment to intercultural studies directly mirrors the college's commitment to a global, liberal arts education. We structure transcultural studies through major requirements and in our critical and thematic approach to courses that encourage students to reconsider traditional notions of identity, nation, geography and
culture from integrative and transcultural perspectives.

We prepare and encourage our majors to study abroad, and most take advantage of this opportunity. Our approach to the study of languages is flexible, as we emphasize intersections and connections to promote cultural competencies in reading, writing and speaking skills. We consider the practices of reading and interpretation essential to a liberal arts education. These practices are at the heart of Smith's curricular goals and fundamental to all studies in the humanities.

Our curriculum reflects the fact that Spanish and Portuguese are increasingly recognized in our fields as domestic U.S. languages. We aim to integrate the heterogeneous languages and cultures we research and teach, from their inceptions on the Iberian Peninsula and in the Americas, to current linguistic and cultural manifestations in Europe, Africa and the Americas (including the United States), the Caribbean, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. We emphasize transdisciplinarity, reaching beyond traditional fields of national literatures, genres and languages to embrace cultural studies, environmental studies, gender and sexuality studies, Afro-diasporic and indigenous cultures, American and Latino/a studies, transatlantic studies, translation studies, the arts and visual culture, film and media studies, and performance.

News & Events

Gurumbé, Afro-Andalusian Memories

A viewing of the internationally acclaimed documentary "Gurumbé, Afro-Andalusian Memories" (2016) about the hidden history of African slavery in Spain and the cultural relevance of Africa for flamenco and Spanish culture.  This viewing is followed by a discussion with the director, Miguel Angel Rosales and a performance by the featured dancer, Yinka Esi Graves. 



Sponsored by: Smith Lecture Committee, Dance, and Spanish & Portuguese Departments; UMass Interdepartmental Program in Film Studies, Spanish & Portuguese Department; and the Mount Holyoke Spanish, Latina/o and Latin/American Studies Department.  Open to the public.


Five College Spanish & Portuguese Events

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