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Art Therapy, International Social and Cultural

The international component of this course will allow students to explore multiculturalism while in a culture in which they are the minority. This course will provide students with theories of art therapy and counseling. Additionally, students will gain experience while interacting with the local population through clinical internships at schools, mental health facilities, hospitals, a substance abuse program and a women's shelter.

Brown in India

Students take classes at St. Stephen's College and/or at Lady Shri Ram College for Women. Students are required to study Hindi while on the program and the program includes a month-long language orientation program in Hindi. The Brown in India Program is designed to provide students the opportunity for study in the intimate atmosphere of a small Indian college with maximum interaction with the host national students.

Child and Adolescent Development: Cultural Perspectives – a Punjabi Immersion Experience

The course will examine physical, social, emotional and cognitive development and how the socio-cultural context affects these developmental processes. Moreover, students will have an opportunity to observe classrooms in Indian schools around Amritsar.

CIEE Hyderabad

The program is designed for students with a desire to understand the complexities and paradoxes of the world's largest democracy. Students have the opportunity to explore India's cultural and religious diversity while experiencing the impact of modernity upon tradition.

Culture, Politics and Globalization in South Asia – India

Culture, Politics and Globalization in South Asia will introduce students to a region of multicultural richness and complexity where the contradictions, implications and challenges of colonialism and post-colonialism are abundant.

Fall Semester in India

Prerequisites: previous courses in South Asian studies recommended The Davidson College program is an undergraduate program that strives to provide a comprehensive as well as safe exposure to the Indian sub-continent through a welldefined academic program.

Harvard Bangalore Science Initiative

Prerequisites: Introductory coursework in basic biology, chemistry, physics and math. We welcome chemistry and applied physics students interested in biology. This unique summer experience allows students to combine cultural immersion in India with sophisticated scientific research.

Hyderabad University

As the modern capital of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad embodies a confluence of Hindu and Muslim culture, offering a rare opportunity to experience the cultural traditions of both these faiths, while simultaneously living in a modern, cosmopolitan city.

Indian Culture, Art and Religion

The Temple University in India summer program, based in the medieval desert town of Dhrangadhra, Gujarat, is intended to investigate Indian civilization through an anthropological study of its religious and artistic traditions, both ancient and contemporary.

India: Health and Human Rights

Explore the links between public health and human rights, with a focus on women, children, tribal and other marginalized and vulnerable populations in India. Students take 16 credits of classes and spend time at leading local, regional, national and international institutions, such as the World Health Organization (WHO) India Office, the Population Foundation of India, and the Centre for Health, Education, Training and Nutrition Awareness. The program includes intensive instruction in Hindi and a 10-week homestay with an Indian host family located near the SIT program center in New Delhi.

India: Himalayan Buddhist Art and Architecture

Prerequisites: A background in history, Asian studies, religious studies, architecture or art history is strongly recommended. This unique study abroad program examines art history and Buddhism on the road across northern Indian on the Tibetan plateau.

India: Sustainable Development and Social Change

The program focuses on the state of Rajasthan, historically a princely and aristocratic state, and a center of Hindu, Jain and Muslim traditions. Through thematic coursework, field study and complementary educational excursions, students consider the diverse factors—internal and global—shaping India's development strategies and patterns and evaluate the sustainability of recent development efforts in North India.

India: National Identity and the Arts

This program studies the visual and performing arts of India its architecture, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, film, dance, music and drama in historic and contemporary contexts. Students are challenged to consider the relationship between religion, art and identity. Intensive Hindi language instruction, interdisciplinary lectures, and an independent research project complete the study of art history as a window through which to view this complex nation.

Integral Sustainability at Auroville

Study abroad in Auroville, an international community along the tropical coast of southern India dedicated to promoting human unity. Participate in an academic program that fosters collaborative inquiry, critical thinking and dialogue while exploring daily awareness practices such as yoga, non-violent communication and meditation.

Mumbai Summer Program

Students will have the unique opportunity to study in Mumbai, India. Two courses, Bombay: City, Society & Culture and A Linguistic History of India (taught in English) by Ashish Chadha and Ashwini Deo from Yale University will be offered.

Tibetan Mind/Body Sciences

Prerequisites: BIO 141/142, CHEM 141/142, PHY 141/142 and at least one course in Tibetan or Buddhist studies are helpful but not required. This program offers students the opportunity to join the emerging dialogue between the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of the Inner science of the mind and the western tradition of science of the external world.

Tibetan Studies Program

The study abroad program in Dharamsala, India focuses on the study of Tibetan language, philosophy, culture and civilization. Through a unique combination of theory, practice and immersion provides an excellent opportunity to explore numerous cultural, political, historical and religious dimensions of the Tibetan world.


Nepal: Development and Social Change – SIT

Based in the Kathmandu Valley, the program examines topics ranging from preservation of UNESCO World Heritage Sites to tourist impact on local culture and national parks. Students also take field excursions to the tarai, the Indian hills station of Darjeeling, and a village in the Himalayas. Students live with host families in Kathmandu for six weeks and typically a rural hometay family for a shorter period.

Nepal Study Abroad Program – Cornell University

The program is a joint venture between Cornell University and Tribhuvan National University of Nepal. Courses are taught in English at the program facility and the main Tribhuvan campus. The program includes both American and Nepalese students. The program includes graduate students, who may do research for their dissertations. The curriculum also includes Nepali language instruction and has a field study option, excursions and volunteer opportunities.

Nepal: Tibetan and Himalayan People – SIT

Through thematic lectures and fieldwork, students explore issues of cultural preservation, religious revival and sub-regional geopolitics and are challenged to consider the contemporary and historic linkages connecting different Himalayan communities. From the program base in Nepal, students gain access to a rich array of academic resources throughout the Kathmandu Valley and beyond.

Language Programs

Intensive Hindi in India – University of Minnesota

Learn Hindi while you explore India, cradle of one of the oldest and most influential civilizations on earth and an astoundingly complex nation. This program appeals to students who are interested in completing a full semester of Hindi language during a short-term summer program. One language course is taught over a four-week period and awards 5 undergraduate credits. The India program offers first through fourth semester Hindi courses.

MSID India – University of Minnesota

An optional August intensive language course is offered for fall semester and academic year students. One language course is taught over a four-week period and awards 5 undergraduate credits. Beginning through advanced Hindi courses (first through fourth semester) are offered. Opportunities for internships and home stays also available.