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S. Mona Ghosh Sinha Prize

This prize is awarded annually for the best academic paper written by a Smith undergraduate on a subject that concerns South Asia.

2017 Recipients

Vedica Bhasin '18, "Attempting to Understand Information, Ideology, and 'Othering' after the 1947 Partition"
Mohona Chowdhury '17, "The Role of the Recruitment Industry, the Kafala System, and the Indian Government in the Mistreatment of Indian Migrant Workers in the GCC"

List of previous recipients

2016: Shabia (Pia) Furkan ’16, "Bangladeshi Muslim Immigrant Experience in the U.S."; Tanvi Kapoor ‘17J, "Bearing History: Women, Sexual Violence, and the Bangladesh War of 1971"
2015: Afreen Gandhi '15, "Family Duty"; Nikita Samaratunga '15J, "Great Power Rivalry in the Indian Ocean: The Sri Lankan Perspective"
2014: Erin Byrne '15, "Trafficking on the Nepal-India Border: Sources and Strategies"; Nazpari S. Sotoudeh '14, "Gandhi and Mulk Raj Anand: Conflicting Alterities"; and Yiqian (Alice) Wang '15, "Gandhi, Nehru, and the Development of Indian Nationalism"
2013: Hunter King '13, "Youth Marginalization and Political Violence in Sri Lanka"; Jahanara Saeed '13, "Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan"


Papers from any academic discipline are welcome, and one need not be a South Asia concentrator to be eligible for the prize. A student may submit no more than one paper for consideration in any given year.

A student should submit a printed copy of her paper using the cover sheet below to Phoebe McKinnell, Wrigth Hall 106, by noon on the last day of classes in the spring semester.

Winners are notified in writing by the Dean of the College and announced on Commencement weekend at Last Chapel and at Convocation in the fall.