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Special Program Options in Sociology

A wide variety of opportunities are available for study at other universities and in special programs—both in America and abroad. These include:

Smith College Junior Year Abroad Programs in France, Geneva, Florence and Germany

Sociology majors may participate in these programs. In the past students have studied in all four areas. Since these programs are not designed for sociology majors, it is necessary for the student to consult closely with her adviser for study abroad.

Programs Operated by Other Institutions and Affiliated with Smith

Smith currently affiliates with six other programs: AKP in Japan, Duke in China, ICCS in Rome, Middlebury in Russia, PRESHCO in Spain and SITA in India. We encourage you to visit the Office of International Study to obtain more information on these programs and to talk to your advisor to adequately plan for them. Starting next fall, all study abroad credit during the academic year will be dependent on participation in the Smith home school fees study abroad system. Study abroad credit will not be granted to students who do not participate in this system (i.e. who study abroad while withdrawn from the college or while on personal leave). Therefore, all students who wish to receive credit for study abroad during the academic year must go through the Smith approval process and pay home school fees. Please consult with the Office of International Study concerning these changes.

Programs Operated by Institutions without Smith Affiliation

Smith currently lists more than 75 universities and programs abroad that are approved for Smith academic credit and have hosted a Smith student within the last five years. Approval means that students are eligible to transfer credit from these programs, but they should care-fully consult both the Office of International Study and their advisor to insure that proposed elections will transfer and meet all college and departmental requirements. Many members of the department are familiar with several of the larger study abroad programs offered by other colleges and universities, and can be consulted on them. In addition, over the last several years some majors have applied directly to institutions abroad, particularly in England, and some faculty will have knowledge of these universities as well.