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Smith College Catalog
Smith's online course catalog includes course listings (description, instructor and offered terms), department data, information on majors and minors, honors programs and cross-listed and interdepartmental courses. A search function allows you to find courses by course number, department, keywords in the title, term offered, number of credits, fields of knowledge and professor.

Five College Course Schedule
The Five College consortium increases your choices. Four liberal arts colleges—Smith, Amherst, Hampshire and Mount Holyoke—along with the University of Massachusetts, offer joint courses of study as well as certificate programs in interdisciplinary fields. Courses are available at no extra cost to Smith students.

Field Courses

The following courses require either field work or field research:

SOC 214 and SOC 315 include community-based learning and research. Some sections of SOC 101 Introductory Sociology encourages field work or field research. There are also opportunities for group field work in SOC 216 Social Movements.

Special Studies Options in Sociology

Students wishing to pursue individualized study in their junior or senior years on campus may enroll in a Special Studies tutorial (SOC 404 or 408). A student must secure the agreement of a faculty member to supervise a particular project prior to enrolling for a Special Studies. Normally, students should propose a special studies no later than the pre-registration period for the semester in which the special studies will occur. Examples of the kinds of work done in Special Studies tutorials include: