Creating Strategic Leaders


The Mid-level Executive Program for Women curriculum offers an effective blend of a customized, needs-based design within an underlying theme of broad "strategic business thinking".


Typical Curriculum Elements

Strategy is Innovation

  • Understand how to anticipate and respond to market changes

Persuasion & Leadership Influence

  • Leverage communication to drive collabortive decision-making

Political Savvy

  • Grow your political astuteness and social intelligence in the workplace, learning how to recognize and navigate formal and informal systems, practices, relationships, and cultures so that you can better achieve organizational objectives

Women Mentors: Career Management Strategies Panel

  • Network with a group of dynamic, high-level peers

Strategies for Optimal Living

  • Learn holistic strategies to improve health and well-being

Negotiation for Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Learn strategies for effectively negotiating mergers and acquisitions, and understand the decision-making process

Resonant Leadership

  • Explore themes of emotional intelligence and strategies to lead high-performing, cross-cultural teams

Peer Coaching for Excellence

  • Maximize individual and team leadership competencies through peer coaching

Daily reflection

  • Integrate knowledge with personal insights and wisdom for greater clarity and purpose

Bonus: Additional program benefits include a daily wellness program that shows you how to increase your energy, well-being, and stress-resilience as well as post-program access to networking and learning opportunities.

Building a Curriculum Where Partner Needs Come First

We encourage partners to evaluate their investment in the Mid-level program in terms of ROV (Return on Value). ROV evaluates human behavior outcomes in terms of dramatically improved leadership traits that ultimately result in greater financial gain for the organization.

In addition, specially tailored sessions and activities help participants maximize the critical intuitive-skills that all great leaders possess:

  • Presenting ideas more powerfully
  • Managing change
  • Developing a healthy and integrated lifestyle
  • Participating effectively in mentoring networks
  • Leading with emotional and social intelligence