Corporate Partners

What makes a company rise to the top rankings of best work environment
for executive women?

Is your company perceived as a “best place” for talented women to develop and excel throughout their career?

We have a saying: The companies we guide are also the companies that guide us. This means that the companies that come to us for their leadership development needs have one thing in common: a strong commitment to developing talented women managers and executives throughout their organization and seeing results in the bottom line. In return, Smith is equally committed to guiding our partners’ leadership development efforts in a way that is responsive to their changing business needs and most effectively takes into account their input and feedback.

We are proud to call these and others our partners:

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson has partnered with Smith Executive Education since 1983. They nominate and send women through their globally recognized Women’s Leadership Initiative and the Office of Diversity. J & J participates in the full suite of Smith Executive Education programs including custom. “Our women at Johnson & Johnson come back engaged and empowered, ready to lead and take on new challenges.,” says the former President WLI, Johnson & Johnson “I believe that Smith's design for learning is relevant to advancing women at our organization. We saw data that confirmed our WLI Smith grads outperformed the norm.” As a matter of fact, J&J was ranked No. 6 on Diversity Inc’s 2010 List of Top 10 companies for Executive Women!

JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase sought out Smith Executive Education in 1988 to enhance retention and advancement of their director-level women. They have expanded their participation to the Smith-Tuck Global Leaders Program for women. JPMC has sent nearly 200 women through Smith Executive Education program and continues to be an active partner with Smith Executive Education.

Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Kimberly-Clark Corporation counts on Smith Executive Education to transform its emerging leaders in science, technology and engineering in the From Specialist to Strategist program. Director-level women from Kimberly-Clark are regular participants in the Directing Innovation program for senior women in science technology and engineering. “[My employee’s] participation in strategic discussion and problem solving has improved significantly” says one manager from Kimberly-Clark. “She has also increased her positive contribution to personnel development and training.”


IBM has been sending its high potential women to the From Specialist to Strategist program since 2005.  Its results speak for themselves: “The conference had a significant impact [on my employee]. It helped her think better strategically,” says one manager from IBM, “She was re-energized and she came back with a better idea of what she wants to accomplish in her career. In addition, she expanded her network of professional women.”


Accenture joined the Smith College Leadership Consortium in 2004. It send a team every year and tracks outcomes. In 2010 Accenture reported that women who attend a Smith Executive Education program regularly outperform their non-attendee peers on the metrics of performance reviews and retention.  “The course was very inspirational,” says one manager from Accenture, “and has already affected the way she builds and leads her team and also how she works to manage her own career.” – Manager, Accenture

The Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

The Chubb Group of Insurance Companies has been a partner in the Smith College Leadership Consortium since 2002. It sends teams of women to the two–week program every year. “Smith has an elite brand within our company, “says Michelle Middleton, Senior VP at the company.  “Chubb has been a long supporter of [The Smith College Leadership Consortium] and we have a pretty competitive selection process.”

John Deere

John Deere is a long-time participant in the Smith-Tuck Global Leaders Program for Women. Deere has been sending teams of women to the program since its inception in 2003. Deere has found the curriculum and all-women learning environment at the Smith-Tuck program to be a successful addition to their leadership initiatives.


MetLife has been sending women to the Smith College Leadership Consortium since 1996. Women who attend are selected through a competitive process. They participate in a program orientation that includes past participants. And they have regular follow up as a cohort that cements and supports their learning from the program, ensuring ongoing returns to the company.