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Available Funding for Students

There are two types of funding available for students through the SGA. The Conference Fund is allocated each year by the SGA Cabinet from the student activities fee. This fund is to assist students who have exhausted other sources of campus funding to attend conferences off campus.

The Sawyer Fund is an endowed fund for events held on the Smith College campus that are free and open to the community.

Chartered Organizations Funding

All chartered organizations should apply for ORC funding before applying for the Sawyer Fund. You may apply to other sources of funding for the difference in what ORC has allocated.

Chartered organizations tht would like to attend a conference as a part of the organization may apply for the Org Conference Fund, which is primarily subject to the same guidelines as the Conference Fund with the additional limit that up to four students may attend a conference that requires a hotel room, and up to seven students may attend a conference that requires an SGA van.

Spring 2018 Funding

Students and organizations applying for spring 2018 funding should use the Spring 2018 Universal Funding Application.

Five College Funding

Additional funding can be found through Five College Funding for student events and lecture opportunities.