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Organization Resources Committee

The Organization Resources Committee's (ORC) allocates monies from the discretionary fund throughout the year as appropriate; assists organizations in the planning and execution of events; guides new organizations through the SGA chartering process; and works on long-term projects that address the concerns and interests of organizations.

The ORC has a commitment to diversity, social and leadership opportunities, student participation in the campus community, and student representation to the college administration and the Smith College Board of Trustees.

2017-18 Roster

ORC Chair and Vice President of Finance

Rebecca Alger

Vice Chair of Chartering


SGA President

Katie Chong

Organization Categories and Liaisons

For a full list of organizations, please visit the Smith Social Network.

Academic: TBD
Activist: TBD
Arts and Communication: TBD
Arts and Performing Arts: TBD
Athletic: TBD
Cultural Heritage: TBD
Political: TBD
Religious: TBD
Special Interest: TBD
Support and Resource: TBD

Join the ORC

Serving on the ORC is a full-year commitment. Organization chairs, presidents or treasurers cannot serve on the board. The SGA President automatically sits on ORC. The Vice President of Finance also serves as the Chair of ORC.

Eight liaisons are appointed in the spring through Elections and Appointments. The Vice-Chair of Chartering will be internally elected by the ORC in the fall. Two members will be elected in the fall through senate.

Contact the Elections and Appointments Chair for more details.