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Academic Honor Board

The Academic Honor Board oversees that every student upholds the Smith College Academic Honor Code. They hear cases of infractions of the code and vote on sanctions, ranging anywhere from a warning to expulsion. The board is busiest when the student body returns to school in September and February, as most violations are reported during finals and the reading period.

Join the Honor Board

Class Representatives

The Honor Board selects class representatives every spring for open vacancies. All class representatives are selected through an application and interview process, and have tenure until their graduating year. See Elections and Appointments Committee for more information.

Honor Board Secretary

The Honor Board secretary is elected every year by the general student body in the campus-wide spring election and must be a rising junior. Because the secretary is promoted to chair in the following year, please note that this is a two-year commitment; a student interested in this position may not go abroad. To apply for secretary, register with the Elections and Appointments Committee.

More Information

Please contact the Academic Honor Board Chair with any questions or concerns.