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Elections & Appointments Committees

The Elections and Appointments Committee (E&A) organizes and runs the all-college and class elections. It runs the voting site and monitors the candidates.

In addition, E&A interviews and appoints students to various college committees. The elections and committee appointments are held in the fall and spring semesters each year. The chair is elected in an all-campus election, and the rest of the members are elected through the senate.

Appointed Positions

Academic Honor Board Class Representatives

Contact: Donna Lisker Dean of the College and Vice President for Campus Life

The Honor Board selects class representatives every spring for open vacancies. All class representatives are selected through an application and interview process, and have tenure until their graduating year.

Advisory Board for the Resource Center on Gender and Sexuality

Contact: Tamra Bates, Director of the Office of Student Engagement

The resource center provides a space for many different communities at Smith to come together. This board is looking for students who would like to see the space foster more of a queer community as well as foster more activism here at Smith. The board is very interested in supporting the queer organizations on campus as well as forwarding and expanding Smith discussions on diversity.

Bookstore Advisory Committee

Contact: TBD, Controller and Associate Treasurer

The Bookstore Advisory Committee deals with issues regarding the Smith College bookstore. Student representatives will engage in conversation with the bookstore management team along with other members of the administration and faculty. Through this committee, students will learn more about the bookstore industry and its constituent roles and responsibilities. The committee meets two times per a semester.

College Council on Community Policy

Contact: TBD

The Smith College Council on Community Policy is a broadly representative, deliberative group that meets to consider issues of common concern to the campus community. Its mission involves promoting the well being of the community—its capacity for collegiality and the pursuit of its general welfare while providing an excellent education to women. The commitee is made up of a broad range of faculty and staff members. The committee meets once a month.

Committee on Missions and Priorities (CMP)

Contact: Elena Palladino, Secretary of the Board of Trustees and Assistant to the President

The Committee on Mission and Priorities is made up of two student representatives and members of the faculty and administration who advise the president on strategic, financial, human and physical resource planning for the college's next decade. The committee solicits, generates and reviews proposals for major projects and initiatives; assesses progress in achieving the goals of current initiatives; and recommends priorities for the allocation and reallocation of resources. The committee meets regularly with the Committee on Academic Priorities, the Advisory Committee on Resource Allocation and the appropriate committees of the board of trustees to both inform the work of those committees and to be informed by them. Periodically the CMP reports its findings and recommendations to the Smith community at large. Meetings are generally held once a month on Wednesday or Thursday afternoons. Two students (a junior and a senior) serve on the committee, each with staggered terms of two years. Time commitment: two years. Only rising juniors are eligible to apply.

Curriculum Committee

Contact: Katherine Rowe, Provost and Dean of the Faculty

The Curriculum Committee is responsible for keeping the student Senate and the campus at large informed of curriculum concerns and changes. The committee assists the administration with the college's mandatory faculty teaching evaluations and holds forums to discuss timely educational policy issues. The Curriculum Committee serves as a resource for academic representatives, department liaisons, and the student body at large, traditional and non-traditional aged students alike.

Library Advisory Committee

Contact: Susan Fliss, Dean of Libraries

The Committee shall review the Library operating budget, cadpital budget requests, space, staffing, long-range planning, and other Library matters. The Committee may make recommendations on these matters to the Provost and Dean of the Faculty. It shall consider the way in which the Library's policies and practices can best meet the curricular and scholarly needs of its users. The faculty members of the Committee shall have the responsibility of conveying to the Committee as a whole the faculty's concerns.

Organization Resources Committee

Contact: Elections and Appointments Committee Chair

ORC consists of the chair, vice chair of chartering, vice chair of budgeting, SGA president, SGA treasurer and ten liaisons. The ORC chair, vice chair of chartering, and vice chair of budgeting are elected by the student body in April of each year. ORC's liaisons can either be elected through Senate or elected through the Elections and Appointments Committee in April of each year.

Serving on the ORC is a full-year commitment. Organization chairs, presidents or treasurers cannot serve on the board. The SGA president and SGA treasurer automatically sit on ORC.

Eight liaisons are appointed in the spring through Elections and Appointments. The Vice-Chair of Chartering will be elected in the spring through the Elections and Appointments Committee. Two members will be elected in the fall through senate.

Technology Steering Committee

Contact: Susan Earp, Chief Information Officer and Vice President for Information Technology ang Service

The Technology Steering Committee (TSC) is the senior governance group for technology issues at the college. The committee guides and advises Information Technology Services and senior management on strategic information technology matters. In collaboration with the CIO, the committee recommends IT priorities, policies and strategies. Throughout the year the committee will: evaluate, review, and recommend changes to IT policies; recommend annual technology investment priorities; provide guidance on the balance of central and departmental responsibilities for technology; monitor ITS plans to sustain the necessary capacity, security, and recoverability of the college's technology infrastructure; and review and make recommendations on new opportunities for Five College technology collaborations. The TSC is co-chaired by the provost and the vice president for Finance and Administration, and is staffed by the CIO.

Vendor Code of Conduct Advisory Committee

Contact: TBD

Smith College is committed to conducting its business affairs in a socially responsible manner consistent with its educational mission and commitment to diversity. To this end, this code of conduct is a working document to guide vendor and institutional purchasers of apparel. The vendor code is a work in progress and will be revised through an active participation in the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC) and the Fair Labor Association (FLA). Smith College recognizes eight cardinal principles as the basis for effective performance under this code of conduct: full public disclosure of factory addresses, commitment to fair wages, independent monitoring, freedom of association and collective bargaining, safe working conditions, no forced labor, no child labor, and women's rights. Smith College expects affiliated vendors and institutional purchasers to conduct their business in a manner consistent with these principles and to follow workplace standards that adhere to this code of conduct.

More Information

Please contact the Elections & Appointments Committee chair with any questions or concerns.