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The SGA Cabinet refers pertinent issues to the Senate for legislation, and to the administration for policy resolution.

The Cabinet also works to ensure the financially stability of the SGA and allocates money to support events, groups, and individuals who are benefiting the Smith College community. Cabinet members are elected in campus-wide and class-wide elections in the spring and fall.


Campus Center 003

2016-17 Roster

SGA President


Home: TBD

Majors: TBD

House: TBD

One of my goals: TBD

Fun Fact: TBD

Office Hours: TBD

SGA Vice President

Katie Chong '18

Katie Chong

Home: Los Angeles, CA

Majors: Anthropology and Spanish (double major)

House: Talbot

One of my goals: To make Senate as accessible as possible for all Smithies, so that Senate can be a governing body that supports its students.

Fun Fact: Regardless of the weather (snow or sun) I always drink ice water.

Office Hours: Friday - 12:30 to 3 p.m.

Vice President of Finance

Stacey Young '18

Stacey Young

Home: Ringe, New Hampshire

Majors: Government and Economics (double major)

House: Parsons

One of my goals: As ORC Chair and VP of Finance, I hope to make funding decisions more transparent and improve ORC and Finance Committee's relationship with the student body by meeting more frequently with organization chairs to discuss their funding needs and requests.

Fun Fact: I grew up on a small farm.

Office Hours: Friday - 1 to 2 p.m.

SGA Secretary

Carrie Lee Lancaster '19

Carrie Lee Lancaster

Home: York, South Carolina

Majors: Government and Spanish (double major)

Minor: Certificate in Reproductive Justice

House: Comstock

One of my goals: I would like to make SGA's intentions and tasks more visible to the student body.

Fun Fact: I can ride a unicycle.

Office Hours: Friday - Noon to 2 p.m.

House Presidents' Association Chair

Xiomara Giordano AC '17

Xiomara Giordano

Home: Brooklyn, NY

Major: Spanish

Minor: Studio Art

House: 54 Green St.

One of my goals: Help the house community give back to the Northampton Community.

Fun Fact: I am engaged to be married next summer and I have two amazing sons.

Office Hours: Tuesday - 5 to 6 p.m.

Chair of the Social Justice and Equity Committee

Nybria Acklin '18

Nybria Acklin

Home: Philadelphia, PA

Major: Sociology

Minor: Economices

House: Gardiner

One of my goals: I want to help show that SJE reps on campus are there to help Smith students feel safe on campus. I want to be a resource for Smith students.

Fun Fact: I have been step-dancing since I was in the 7th grade.

Office Hours: TBD

Ada Class President

Katie Wing AC

Katie Wing

Home: Lewiston, Maine

Major: Philosophy

House: Conway House

One of my goals: I hope to continue conversations surrounding the areas of need within our community and promote forward movement.

Fun Fact: I love Michael Jackston...a lot.

Office Hours: Monday - Noon to 1 p.m.

Ada Class President

Maria Wood AC '17

Maria Wood

Home: Chestertown, Maryland

Major: American Studies

Minor: Five College Certificate in Ethnomusicology

House: Off Campus

One of my goals: I hope to foster Ada's involvement throughout Smith. To help all Adas find the resources they need to both make the most of their time here and to contribute their vast and unique talents to the Smith community.

Fun Fact: I know a song for any possible situation, from not wanting to put on your pants to being stuck in traffic or to going to the library.

Office Hours: Monday - Noon to 1 p.m.

Senior Class President

Badriyyah AlSabah '17

Badriyyah AlSabah

Home: Kuwait City, Kuwait

Major: Psychology

Minor: Religion

House: Comstock

One of my goals: I hope to increase communication with the Senior class and be on top of my work and my position as Class President!

Fun Fact: I have been to every continent except Antarctica!

Office Hours: TBD

Junior Class President

Beverly Lipsey '18

Beverly Lipsey

Home: Arlington, Massachusetts

Major: Psychology

Minor: Spanish

House: Tyler

One of my goals: I intend to foster a sense of comraderie among the juniors (on and off campus) and other class years, through collaborative campus events.

Fun Fact: I applied Early Decision to Smith!

Office Hours: Tuesday - 3 to 4 p.m.

Sophomore Class President

Michaella Mentu '19

Michaella Mentu

Home: Bronx, New York

Majors: Government and Africana Studies (double major)

House: Wilder

One of my goals: To consistently create more stress-free zones for the Class of 2019!

Fun Fact: I have a hybrid British and New York American accent!

Office Hours: TBD

First Year Class President

Camille Bacon '20

Camille Bacon

Home: Chicago, IL

Major: Undecided

House: Scales

One of my goals: I hope to help first-years acclimate to life at Smith and foster a tight-knit first year community.

Fun Fact:I've lived on three continents!

Office Hours: Friday - 3 to 4 p.m.